Beyond the Fish-market – 5 Other ways you can enjoy Marsaxlokk


When you ask anyone about Marsaxlokk, the first thought that comes to mind is the fish market. Indeed, on any Sunday, Marsaxlokk’s harbour burst at its seams with both Maltese and tourists. And while Marsaxlokk has indeed become quasi-synonymous with its quay, there are other ways to enjoy it. For those who seek to explore Marsaxlokk further and in a different way, here are five things you ought to do.

A day in the ‘Hofra l-Kbira’

On the other side of the bay, overlooking the northern arm of Marsaxlokk bay is the hill of Tas-Silg. Dotted with naturally formed coves, tourists often come here in summer to spend the day at St. Peter’s Pool. Less famous, but equally beautiful are the two natural coves within Tas-Silg known as “Il-Hofra l Kbira” and “Il-Hofra Z-Zghira”. Drive (or walk) through Xrobb L-Ghagin’s road and you will find yourself at the bay – a perfect spot for a barbeque in autumn.



Stroll through the Harbour on a quiet Morning

Marsaxlokk’s bay is memorable for the many colourful, traditional fishing boats called luzzu. Take your camera with you and capture the painted eyes on its boats – traditionally believed to protect sailors from dangers. Afterwards, pick from a plethora of restaurants – some of them specializing in seafood – and enjoy brunch by the sea. The cool sea breeze and calm ambience is sure to open your appetite. For an extra hiking experience, keep going until you reach the sandy beach, onto the rocky platform, and make your way around the San Lucjan tower. You’ll have the sea on one end, and small fields on the other!


Take in Marsaxlokk’s beauty from Delimara

Delimara is home to a number of fields and patches of trees that are the perfect spots for a picnic late afternoon. From here, you can see Marsaxlokk’s bay and the residential area beneath you. In the evening, this makes for a spectacular vista.



Enjoy the Malta International Fireworks Festival at sea

The festival itself is well known, as well as its location, and this often serves as a good reason for northern folks to make their way down to our little village. Although the harbour offers ample space to watch the fireworks, have dinner, and listen to music, one may also opt to experience the fireworks from on-board a yacht for a truly magical experience. Take a look at our yachting partners to learn more.



Dine in style at Tartarun

For a fantastic view right in the centre of the harbour, opt for the WRMC Silver-spoon restaurant, Tartarun. Run by the Schiavone family, it has a rustic atmosphere with lots of wood work, a modern finish, and exquisite seafood. It is lauded for its splendid chefs, experienced servers, and top quality cuisine. The servers or manager will personally tailor your dinner according to your needs, allowing you to experience a special dining experience with difference.





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