Designing your kitchen: The right way to do it


Pinterest and interior design blogs are the perfect spaces for inspiration. One word search, and you have at the palm of your hand a plethora of stunning designs that make that voice in your gut kick in and say “I want to have this.”

And this is where most people make the fatal flaw – one that, somewhere down the line, whether in a couple of months or a year, leads to heartbreak. The flaw? Thinking you can singlehandedly start and finish your own kitchen project.

A professional designer starts by studying you. They want to learn all about who you are, what you like, what do you want to do – whether you want to feed a hungry family of five, entertain guests, or explore the budding chef within. A designer creates a space where who you truly are – a mother, a host, a gourmet chef or a combination of the three – shines.


Choosing the ideal kitchen model requires a critical awareness of the space and the style of the house. You will say “I want that shade”. A designer will give you all the colour schemes that go with it, and then find the perfect one for you. The internet can give you a clue about the former, but it will not answer the latter.

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In response to this, Fino are launching a new Kitchen design service. Fino’s interior architects will discuss your lifestyle and setting to make sure they create a bespoke kitchen design that is chiefly you. They will handle important considerations such as the redirection of traffic, accounting for working space, creating the best kitchen work triangle, planning the layout and floor plan, implementing the right lighting – these are just the tip of the iceberg.

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A tap may be all you need to sift through hundreds of kitchen designs, but building your own kitchen project requires the hands of a professional. With their new pin system, which you can also use with your designer, you can rest assured that your needs will not only be met, but also taken to the next level.

For more on this, visit Fino’s new website at


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