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Dhalia - Gardens & Outdoors - Garden get away

I spent my childhood going back and forth to my aunt’s town-house to play with my cousins. She had a beautiful garden. Once old enough, we would help mow the lawn and pull the weeds, it is what you’re asked to do when you’re a kid.

We had ladybirds, butterflies, and we had chameleons that changed colour as they walked through branches, struggled over twigs, and hid in bushes. We used to place them on different surfaces ourselves and excitedly wait as their colour transitioned, which, on second thought, was not the kindest thing to do. We followed the scent of ripe fruit , enjoyed the perfume of flowers, and tread carefully whenever we heard the hum of bees. In the evening, with dirt under nails and muddy hands we’d shower and then we would sit outside and dine together with the rest of the family. As the sun set, soft streaks would cast a warm, auburn glow over the leaves, the flowers, and give a hazel, brown hue to the undergrowth. I hated gardening, but I loved gardens.

It is a truth acknowledged by the great majority that the availability of vast, sprawling houses, open, rich gardens with white rotundas and fountains is nowadays uncommon, and in urban areas – rare. People are cramming into ever-smaller apartments and towering blocks of flats. Nonetheless, the scarcity of space and the natural world makes it all the more prized. The allure of open space, the touch of fresh air, of leaves, and plants – it is captivating. Ask any broker, and you will always hear a variation of the same answer: People look for space, for open air, for a touch of the natural world in an otherwise urban place.

If I care to imagine myself in a decade, I would care little about my home’s overall dimension. The first thing I would want to walk into a house is an airy, open hall, and a library stacked with books with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the backyard. In the backyard, I would want a mixture of colours: I’d place rosemary and chives for a touch of purple, spring onions for a dash of white, basils for a blend of both, pineapple sage for a streak of red in white pots made of stone. I’d want a small rotunda, a bench, and a table placed next to a pink-berried rowan or a Siberian pea tree for shade.

Dhalia - Gardens & Outdoors - Garden get away

Whether you are looking for an authentic town-house brimming with Maltese character, or a modern, high-end home, you will certainly find what you are looking for at Dhalia.

The following feature but a fraction of Dhalia’s repertoire. If you have a soft spot for open spaces, evening barbeques, and the opportunity to swim at any time – whether at noon, underneath the glistening sun; in the evening, as the sun sets, or underneath the moonlight – you may want to opt for a Villa, or a Bungalow. If what you prefer is character, and strive to immerse yourself in rich Maltese traditions, Dhalia’s selection of farmhouses will captivate you.

Dhalia - Gardens & Outdoors - BarBQ Area

Dhalia - Gardens - Poolside

If, however, rich gardens, agriculture, and sprawling open land with the potential to evolve into a safe haven of gardening is what you are looking for, this will definitely capture your attention.

Dhalia - Gardens - Ripe to landscape

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