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Our goal is to shine the spotlight on individuals and brands who take something ordinary, and make it extraordinary. We want to appreciate, celebrate, and open the doors to luxury. And what is art – what is music – if not the transmutation of the ordinary into magic?

Malta is itself undergoing a transformation – a rebirth – into a hub of culture and artistic endeavours. Valletta is on its way to becoming the European capital of culture 2018, propped up by the multitude of events dotting the calendar, art spaces such as Spazju Kreattiv, and Blitz.

So, let’s take a look at musicians and bands in Malta that are on our radar

No snow/no alps

Last month, nosnow/noalps celebrated their 10-year journey with a one night intimate show, ‘Moving Mountains’. I had heard their music, but barely knew anything about them. What followed was a musical roller coaster of their classics. The band achieved an impressive following both in Malta, and abroad. Their music is chiefly indie, alternative, and rock, coloured by punk, reggae, and ska sound.

Plato’s Dream Machine

Kim, my fellow editor, demanded I check out Plato’s Dream Machine. I am glad I did. They were going to be on this list whether I liked it or not (Kim can be persuasive). She first listened to them live in a small theatre at spazju kreativ, where their music created a transportive, surreal experience. In their debut album, “GHERA”, the band explored the world of electronica merged with alt-rock, fused with poetical lyrics in our native language.

Red electrick

They won best band and best song at the 2014 Malta Music Awards. They’re committed. They’re a household name. It would have been erroneous of me not to include them in this list. Red Electrick’s success is proof of the holistic power of diversity. Five individuals with differing tastes come together and, as you can see below, the result is wonderful.


Beautifully haunting, her voice is the whisper of a kindred spirit. She dedicates herself to her vocal, and the lyrics. Berne is inspired by the realities that surround us in our daily struggles, taking influence from artists such as Regina Spektor, Imogen Heap, Agnes Obel and Marina Diamandis. Check out her debut EP, ‘Conversation’. More recently, she finished working on a soundtrack for an immersive event in London – Hi Fi Sci Fi, created by another Maltese creative, Annemarie Mayo.


The collective of musicians captivate any audience with their mystical concoction of ethnic, contemporary, and traditional music. Their mix of percussion, native, and traditional wind and string instruments, along with a kick ass drum beat and a mesmerizing vocalist, have catapulted them as one of the premier acts in Malta. They have performed in prestigious and leading international and local festivals, including Byron Bay Bluesfest, Glastonbury, Ancient Trance World Music, Earth Garden, and the Farsons Great Beer Festival. For an experience with difference, keep your ears to the ground for their next event.

Know someone who deserves the spotlight? Tell us, we’ll keep our ears to the ground.


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