Malta: Ranked 3rd best place to be an expat

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The Wall Street Journal this week reported that Malta is the third most popular country with expats. This according to a  new survey  released by the expat social group InterNations where 1,400 expats living in 64 countries were surveyed.

This year Malta made it’s grand entrance to the list “coming in as the third most popular country for expats. A country makes a list when it gets a minimum of 50 votes.”

Major determining factors for Malta’s new-found popularity with its expat community are  work-life balance “health care, safety, overall well-being, career options, cost of living, great weather, and its reputation as a little-known European Union tax haven “.

Being born in the UK myself and having spent half my life living in the heaving metropolis that is London, I do often place myself in the same category of many of my expat friends. In fact there is an ever-increasing number of younger expats opting to call Malta home. If I think of my reasons for ultimately deciding to settle down here they would probably be similar to theirs. The laid back Mediterranean lifestyle, the relative affordability of a good day out and the ease of  getting onto the property ladder.

I asked tappintomalta’s own Managing Director, George about his experience of life as an expat in Malta and this is what he had to say: “No matter what you’re doing or where you’re going on the Island you’re only a glance away from the deep blue, clear waters of the Mediterranean sea and its many shades of turquoise.  This, combined with the sunshine that greets you almost every day, is an up lifting tonic that says ‘it’s good to be alive’.  Throw in a street café atmosphere and a friendly smile wherever you go and you can’t help but feel charmed and welcomed: makes me feel right at home.”

“The overall ranking was determined by a host of categories, including satisfaction with life in general, leisure options, ease of settling in, cost of education and childcare, finding friends, and travel options.” The first and second place spots are held by Ecuador and Mexico respectively.




  1. Sandy says:

    This year, 2016 – Malta ranks #5 for ‘The Best and Worst Countries for Working Aboard’


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