Marrying high-tech engineering with style and elegance

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When it comes to buying furniture, especially if it is a sofa or an armchair, one conundrum always props up: Do I go for what provides comfort, or that which is more aesthetically appealing?

The Himolla lift-up and electric recliners were made with one priority: uniting high-tech engineering with style and elegance seamlessly. Let’s take a look at what one of the Himolla families, the Cumulus Varioflex, offers.


                    I.            The Cumulus Varioflex model is available in various leather colours, ensuring each client gets to go home with a recliner that both provides maximum functionality and blends in perfectly with the rest of the house.


                  II.            To ensure comfort, one can easily alter the adjustments manually or electronically. Remote control is illuminated for ease of use during any hour.

                III.            The Cumulus Varioflex features three motors. These three motors manage the back, footrest, and “heart balance” features. 

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To achieve the ‘heart balance’ feature, these three motors work together. The first motor extends the footrest and, once fully extended, the second motor tilts both the footrest and the seat backwards until the legs, heart, and head are situated along an imaginary horizontal line.This is the position in which the heart pumps with minimum effort to provide blood circulation. The “heart balance” position is experienced as extremely relaxing.

               IV.            Functionalities include raising of the feet, reclining the back, and manual adjustment of headrest for better neck support.

                  V.           Includes the Lift-up function which helps the user to a stand-up position.140912-18-7501

               VI.           The armchair is mounted on castors,  allowing you to move it around effortlessly.

           VII.           At Boris Arcidiacono, confidence that your product is of the highest standard is what they look for. The Himolla lift up recliners come with a 5 year guarantee on mechanical and moving parts.


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Other models such as the Easyswing, Cosyform and Quartett, are available on display for inspection and testing. Check out the Himolla full range of different models of lift up recliners at Boris Arcidiacono’s showroom. Go to their partner profile for more information, contact details, and location.


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