New Year’s Resolutions 2017

Resolution 2017

I’ve put off making my New Year’s Resolutions till today because I really wanted to have a good think about my priorities for 2017.

The two areas I want to focus on most: Take better care of myself and take better care of my home.

Take Care of Me

There are the obvious ways to do this like go on a diet and hit a gym. I’m lucky enough to say that 75% of the time my diet is pretty healthy, thanks to numerous New Year’s Resolutions past. I also have a good fitness regime at a great club.

But there’s a couple of things I’m missing out on.

Get some peace of mind for the future by investing in Private Health Insurance. Thankfully we have a great public health system in Malta. But some added security for a rainy day helps. A quote from GasanMamo by the end of the month is a must to get the ball rolling.

I need to have some more fun and meet new people. So the mission is to find some new places to hang out. The next place on my list to try is the Jazz Cave. Live music and great food are a match made in heaven to keep my spirits soaring.

A proper holiday. Sure, I’ve travelled in the last 12 months…but none of it has been dedicated to a sunbed and sleep. I know Bianchi Travel can help me find the best resort for a single girl.

Take Care of my Home

I need a new Sofa. My current one is too big for the space and part of it has totally caved in. There are a few models I have my eye on at Fino & Ideacasa. Time to hit the January sales!

Turn my spare room into a proper Walk-in wardrobe. I’ve seen some of the work Form had done for a colleague so I will be heading there to check out the options.

FORM - Jesse Wardrobes 3

I need to create a proper workspace but I don’t have much room. But I’ve had my eye on the Cupertino Wall Office for BoConcept for a while now.

New Pillows!!! I know it’s awful that I’ve been sleeping on the same pillows for 8 years. The folks at Boris Arcidiacono will definitely help me pick out the best suited option for me.

Boris Arcidiacono - pillows

Get those paintings framed. They have been in and out of my car so many times “just in case” I go past the framers. But 2017 will be the year my collection of international art goes up on my walls: and I will get the best advice on how to light them from Elektra.

I know it might sound like an ambitious list, but a year is 12 months long and I do have some of the best names available in Malta to help make it happen.


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