Partner Spotlight on Dolphin Pools

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Dolphin Pools Ltd is tappintomalta’s partner for swimming pool construction and cleaning, saunas, spas and more.

Our island nation might be surrounded by sea, but few of us dare swim in it during the cold winter months. Thankfully, we live in a time where swimming can be done just about anywhere, including our own home.

As the leading swimming pool company in Malta, Dolphin Pools Ltd have handled both commercial and domestic prestigious projects; indeed, various contracts have been executed successfully both in Malta and in Libya. A portfolio showcasing their numerous works can be submitted upon request. More on their location and contact information can be found here.

Their products include prefabricated swimming pool liners, which can be found in non-slip material which provides safety to step treads, ledges and the floors of shallow pools. Different shades, colours, and patterns can be found to design and build the pool in a manner that compliments your home and surroundings and to reflect your personality.

Hot springs, spas, chlorine products, pool chemicals, pumps, cleaning equipment, white goods, and filters are amongst other products they provide. Furthermore, Dolphin Pools Ltd provides a range of services aimed to help you with common issues that may arise, such as filtration, how to use chemicals, operating children’s pool, general pool care, and more.


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