Partner Spotlight on FORM

 FORM Ltd is tappintomalta’s partner for beautiful Italian leather sofas, comfortable sleeping solutions and many other furnishing options for your home.

Form LTD handles some of Europe’s most respected brands that include Natuzzi, Rimadesio, Jesse, Euromobil, and Zalf amongst others. With more than 60 years under its belt, Form has maintained one aim: to make available furniture and furnishings that have Design merit, are well made and that constitute value for money, Form has established itself as a leading brand in its area.

Furniture is a sector in the market that has always been not only dynamic, but prone to changing organically as the tastes and trends change themselves. It thrives with activity and it is sustained with consistently innovative ideas, featuring new designs, products, and concepts which reach Form LTD on a daily basis from regular suppliers, the creative engines working within the brand, and the customers themselves.

By carefully selecting the best suppliers for each individual room setting in the house, Form strives to ensure that they have the furniture and furnishings that one is looking for.

The kitchen, dining room, and living room.

In a world of increasingly smaller spaces and a more pressing need for efficiency, the segregated dining room is losing out and dining and living areas are being combined into one suite. It is not uncommon for the kitchen to be integrated within this area. Due to this, a keen eye on detail is vital to achieve harmony when it comes to style while maintaining the practicality that comes when combining living room, dining room, and kitchen room.

At Form, you can find examples of different dining suites and stand-alone pieces that can be purchased individually. The modern look is well represented with selections at all price points from several suppliers such as Zalf and Jesse as well as designer and specialist ranges from Rimadesio, Gallotti & Radice, Alivar and Natuzzi Italia, Sovet Italia and Bauline.

The Bedroom

One spends around 1/3 of one’s life asleep. This should be sufficient reason for you to decide on a bed that is comfortable, provides the support you need and that offers the highest level of hygiene. Reason enough also to have the Bedroom furnished in such a way to provide a welcoming ambiance in terms of style without losing out on functionality and quality.



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