Places where you might not expect to find a sofa

Meeting room

Opting for the right seating is not as easy a decision as one may think. There are so many things to bear in mind: Aesthetics, comfort, the space, colour scheme, budget, etc. When considering sofas and armchairs, this decision becomes all the more complex as they are purchases that are not easily replaced every year or even every 5 years. I have had my sofa for 9 years now and although it has seen better days, I haven’t replaced it yet because I just can’t find the right piece for my space.

When you hear the words sofa, armchair, recliner or footstool, I’m sure that the first image that pops into your head is a living room. However, today I want to go beyond the living room. There are so many other applications, both domestic and commercial, where a great looking sofa, chaise longue or cosy armchair can be necessary, and also be an added design piece to your décor.

Meeting room

An office meeting room usually fits a very traditional format. A meeting table circled by ergonomic office chairs, a flip chart in the corner, and probably some kind of furniture along the wall to house the AV equipment. And that is great for very formal board meetings.

Consider the idea of Heimat: a German word with no English equivalent that denotes the relationship of a human being with the space around them. Newer philosophies in the workplace call for efficiency to work hand in hand with creativity, giving employees the space to develop ideas. In order to facilitate this, the working environments is continuously changing to allow for a different perspective other than the usual around the traditional board table.

A meeting space that allows for this is furnished with soft, deep armchairs that can be easily moved into any configuration: whether circled in a discussion huddle, or facing an idea wall for a brainstorming session. Soft corners, cushions and tactile fabrics might seem too homely. But the idea is to create comfort and remove formality from the space in order to foster the type of creativity that can turn a meeting from a chore into a moment of inspiration and excitement. It also makes a statement and speaks volumes about your attitude and vision.

Meeting room

Home Office

A home study is often housed in one of your spare bedrooms. But space is often at a premium in many modern homes, no matter how exclusive they are. So multiple use spaces can be the answer. A study equipped with a sofa is very normal to see. It allows for a spot to break away from your desk and sit peacefully to read a book or review that huge document in comfort.

But why not make more of the space and double your study up as a guest bedroom too. The most obvious way to do that is adding a sofa bed in place of a regular sofa. Compliment this with some throw cushions and soft fabrics at the windows so that it is not only the sleeping arrangements that create the room’s dual identity.


Master bedroom

Regardless of the dimensions of your bedroom, whether small or large, a separate seating area always lends a real sense of sophistication to your sleeping quarters. You can opt for an armchair or a compact two-seater sofa, though my favourite is a chaise longue. You can place your sofa directly up against the foot of the bed, or opt for an ottoman instead. Add an elegant a coffee table piled high with your must-read books, and turn your bedroom into a hybrid reading area. You may want to leave your leisure reading for your bedroom while leaving work-related stuff in the study. It is easy to create a small space to read, have your morning coffee, or have intimate, private discussions with family members.

Pair all this with a soft rug underfoot and a striking lamp alongside, and there you have it: A retreat within your own private sanctuary.

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