Redefining Luxury for your Bedroom


Four centuries ago, opulent Chateaux and grand, imposing churches were built to express the triumph of nobility and church – the architecture known as Baroque. In the 1860’s, artists rejected traditional forms of painting and explored different disciplines, the style defined as Modernism. Indeed, fashion, design, and all art are reflections in dialogue with the social circumstances they are born in.

Now, we live in a highly demanding and fast-paced world, overwhelmed by digital impressions from an increasingly technological world. The need to escape; the need for tranquility; and our desire to reconnect with nature is what Boris Arcidiacono want to capture with the Jensen Supreme Purple Meadows.

Nature has thus far made its way into our homes in the form of untreated woods and earthy tones. But in 2017, soft purple hues replace grey, blue, and pale colours as the dominant colour of the season. Other emerging colours are various interesting tones of green, warm variants of yellow and orange, and light greys that harmonise well with other colours. The purple shade in the Jensen Beds echoes a field of tiny lavender buds, clematis, and bellflowers, all coveted for their rich, relaxing aroma.

The Jensen Bed is clad with an environmentally friendly type of wool of the highest quality from Innvik in Norway, specially produced for Jensen – in keeping with the theme it represents. It is also host to a plethora of features, all accentuating its position as a product that intertwines luxury with nature;


  • Main and top mattress are filled with latex, preventing dust mites, while the open cell structure ensures the effective expulsion of air and moisture.
  • Combination of various materials provide a sublime basis for your sleeping experience.
  • The sides and ends of the main mattress are adorned with attractive stitching, while the double seams at the bottom ensure an attractive transition between the bed and legs.
  • The four legs made of smoothly polished black aluminium are triangular, and together with the seamless front provide a beautiful framework for the bed.
  • The embroidered logo on the right-hand side of the bed – another elegant detail of the Jensen Supreme.
  • Not only does this wool form a sustainable, natural, and biodegradable material, it is also fire resistant and exceptionally hardwearing. Indeed, wool ages with dignity and remains a wonderfully soft material for beds.

In the advent of 2017, a tangible shift in what people look for can be felt – a shift towards the traditional, but without losing the new, luxury experience. It is the line between city and nature that Boris Arcidiacono aims for.

Take a step, and visit Boris Arcidiacono’s showroom for a first-hand look at what they’re offering.


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