Shower or Bath: What you need to consider when making your choice

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It’s the eternal dilemma.  Should you opt for a shower or a bath  in your new bathroom? When designing your home or hunting for a new house, it remains an important question, and perhaps a bone of contention with your significant other. Traditionalists will always prefer a bath, but for some of us nothing is quite as practical as a walk-in shower. We have some pointers for you to consider when trying to reach your decision.

What kind of bathroom are you after?

Will this be a family or guest bathroom, or en-suite with your bedroom? Will you use it regularly or only occasionally? If it is an en-suite, and if you will be using it regularly, a shower is perhaps the option you should go for. It is the perfect choice if you’re a busy individual who is constantly going from one place to another. If you’re not going to fill the tub with at least a decent amount of water, and if you do not intend to spend more than a couple of minutes, then taking a shower is simply logical. A bathtub is classy, adds character, and should be in a bespoke, intimate room of your choosing – having a tub in every bathroom consumes space, and takes away from its appeal as an item for a luxurious, singular experience. However, if you go to the right design, you can get both the style you desire, while maintaining an elegant, intimate atmosphere, whatever option you go for.

What kind of experience do you want?

Relaxation? Baths may seem like the obvious choice in this area. Let’s face it – if you’re going to take a bath, you really should linger and make an experience out of it, or you might as well just opt for taking a shower. When you do not have the time or the patience, a shower is what you need. It doesn’t take any preparation. You step in and enjoy the massage created by the water as it pours over your head and shoulders. For me, a shower is an experience of escapism. You close your eyes, and you can picture yourself standing in the rain or under an exotic waterfall.

Alas, silence and time are all-too-precious necessities for a truly restorative experience. For me, a bath is a total luxury experience one should enjoy at least once a week, perhaps on a Saturday, and once kids are asleep and the house is quiet. If you’re looking to soothe sore limbs or aching muscles after a week of workouts and hectic work days scented bath oils can help do the trick. Rose oil is the perfect choice if you want something gentle, uplifting and if you desire to rid yourself of anxiety and stress. Sandalwood in particular is prized for its fragrance, as well as its soothing properties, and if you want to go all out – you can combine it with cedar-wood or rosewood for a perfect, reinvigorating experience. For a successful soak and a dazzling sleep remedy, detox salts, dim lighting, hot water, and a good book are necessary ingredients. Has this made you fall in love with bathing? No? Add a glass of wine and candles to the picture. Nevertheless, those who opt for daily baths should not believe that an hour-long meditation is a requirement. Indeed, this all sounds too time consuming, but bath-salts take no longer than 15 minutes to do their magic. Sometimes a quick bath is the perfect, respite you need before the day charges in, head on. In the end, it is down to preference.


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So whether design, comfort, practicality or experience are your priorities, there are many arguments that can be made for both a traditional bath or super sleek shower.  Indeed, if your bathroom space allows for it, why not get the best of both worlds in one room?

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