Sizing up one of the giants of the kitchen industry


The kitchen has long been considered the heart of the home; Its function as a witness to the memorable events within a family makes it a space that needs to be given the right amount of attention.

To meet the needs of Maltese customers who want to honour their kitchen’s role within the house, Veneta Cucine have teamed up with Fino, creating a partnership and strong bond that upholds the values of tradition and excellent customer service.

Established in 1967, the renowned kitchen company has expanded from the Italian province of Treviso into the global market. Veneta Cucine has become a place in which dedicated and talented employees put their abilities to the test in designing, producing, and managing the operations that are responsible for over 300 variations of kitchens, in an array of colours and materials.

It is precisely this dedication and expertise that has helped the company remain desirable; By adapting its assets to current trends, stylish kitchens are made accessible to all the company’s consumers. And, to cater to a variety of people’s tastes, Veneta Cucine kitchens are made using different types of Italian, Bolivian, and American wood among others.

But, with great choice comes great responsibility, and good craftsmanship also means having great timing when sourcing woods and materials. Veneta Cucine’s love for design and quality does not come at the cost of the environment, and their operations make sure that their production is ecologically viable.

Along with careful planning, designing, and implementing expert ideas, the 2008 introduction of HOMAG improved the company’s production and efficiency by producing completed kitchen components – all bearing the “Made in Italy” trademark – and minimizing liabilities in production.

By making sure to seek a balance between traditional craftsmanship and keeping up with the times, the brand’s identity was kept intact. Since its formation, Veneta Cucine has been integrating the values or art, science, and technology in creating dream kitchens for their clients.

And, thanks to their relationship with Fino – leaders in the Maltese furniture industry – they have managed to show that they are a brand that is willing to embrace their customers’ values and uphold them as their own; Good quality, great design, and kitchens that feels like home.


For more information, visit Fino’s new website at Or, for a peek of what it’s like to own one of Veneta Cucine’s kitchens, you can visit Fino’s showroom in Mriehel.

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