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Don’t we all love a good night’s sleep?  Waking up after a deep sleep felling fully rested and ready to power on is one of the best feelings in the world. But how often do we fall asleep only to find that we toss and turn all night, adjusting our sleep position and shifting that pillow into different shapes? When it comes to a great night’s sleep, the right conditions are key no matter how much camomile tea you have drunk or how many lavender baths you might have.

The optimal sleep environment includes dim or no lights, clean, tidy surroundings and bed linen, cool temperature and the right mattress and pillow to give your body optimum support. Mattresses and pillows differ for different people so it’s important to try them out to get the choice right before committing.

So how about a customisable pillow?  The Advance Ergomagic pillow is perfect to help you overcome those sleepless nights.
Made from materials originally designed by NASA for their astronauts to protect them from extreme temperature variabilities during their missions in space, these pillows contain certified space technology and help create better moisture and temperature control. With the height adjustable layers inside, this pillow is also suitable for any preference on pillow height and firmness.



At Boris Arcidiacono you can find this technology through its unique brand, Quilts of Denmark. Quilts of Denmark has introduced a patented collection of quilts and pillows in a class of their own. These quilts and pillows are the first such products on the market with active temperature control ability: “TempraKON(r)”.

Now, using phase changing fabric, TempraKON(r) bedding puts this technology to work with your body to control temperature and humidity better than ordinary materials. TempraKON(r) bedding reduces overheating and sweating, helping you to sleep more soundly and wake up more rested. Unlike fabric and insulation that traps heat; TemprKON(r) bedding keeps you in extreme comfort by absorbing excess body heat and releasing it when you need it most.

It’s not just the heat control that makes you sleep soundly. With the Ergomagic pillow you can change it to any height – high, low or middle of the road. It offers maximum comfort for anyone: simply slip out one or two of the inside layers of the pillow to make it as high or as low as you like. The body of this Ergomagic pillow is made from memory foam of the highest quality and adapts perfectly to the shape and contours of your neck and head. As your head is cradled in complete comfort, you can be assured of a truly restful night.


Our partner Boris Arcidiacono would be happy to show you the Quilts of Denmark products and  help you to find that perfect pillow at their showroom in Sliema.
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