The 4 most comfortable chair brands from Boris Arcidiacono


Despite the cold, winter is almost synonymous with warm pleasures and home comforts, and with that comes the additional desire to relax and unwind.

We may not have the coldest of weathers, but Winter is brutal in Malta. We all long for warm pleasures, and the comfort of sitting by a fireplace, with hot chocolate in hand, a book, or a film. Whether you’re unwinding in a recliner, or sitting at your desk at your leisure, the following chairs have got your comfort secured.


As the name implies, these recliners from Norway are built with the premise that they will help you relieve your stress. As soon as you sit down in a Stressless chair, all your troubles are set to dissolve. It comes with a separate stool adjustable according to the person’s height, an adjustable headrest, and it is designed in a manner that follows your movements, whether you want to hunch forward, or lay back. The chairs come in 3 different sizes and a vast range of different leathers, colours, bases and finishes, meaning that individuals are able to customise the recliner according to their needs and preferences.




The Swiss brand offers its own take on relaxation by providing customers with recliners built from carefully selected layers of materials and paddings that come together to create the ultimate in comfortable chairs. What makes these chairs exceptional is their variability; Some models are manually adjustable, while others offer next to complete motorised functioning that works effortlessly and puts you in charge of your own needs. Some models also support compatible accessories, such as a heater and a massager, that take the recliner to the next level.

BosrisArcidiacono - Sitting - Strassle2



The Himolla motorised recliner chairs are the perfect chairs for the older generation and anyone with joint pains; most chairs having a lift-up function, helping users raise themselves up in a standing position, making them feel more independent. In addition, the motorised chairs are available with a choice of 1-3 motors. The Heart chair in particular is equipped with 3 motors, and its special feature raises feet higher than other recliners, promoting better blood circulation. Manufactured in Germany, these chairs can take up to 130Kg in weight. And, to cater to each individual’s measurements, the chairs are available in different sizes, depending on the width, depth, and seat height that is most suitable for every client. Some models even come with a manually adjustable headrest. As for one’s aesthetic preferences, they also come in a variety of leather colours, as well as a base finish of one’s choice on some of the brand’s models.



Designed with comfort and functionality in mind, the chairs in Leyform’s collection make sure that your productivity doesn’t come at the cost of physical pain and problems. In addition, their attention to chairs with top-notch ergonomics does not sacrifice aesthetics, and in fact, their sophisticated designs add a touch of style to any office space. Leyform’s selection ranges from sleek, classic designs that make for perfect executive chairs, to more modern, contemporary picks that stand out in a monotone office; Whether you want to opt for timeless black leather, quilted seats with softer tones, or bright accent colours, your aesthetic taste will note rob you of the chance to own a chair that favours your physical comfort.



In making your choice, it’s very important to visit Boris Arcidiacono’s shop to test-try the different types of chairs for personal lumbar, neck and armrest support, and to see the various other models that are available for each brand. So stop in, take a seat, and be amazed at how you can better your comfort while you are seated.


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