The Other Side of Luxury


There are a thousand and one ways t­o design your home.

When people hear ‘modern design’, they tend to think of minimalism. But truth is, there’s a multitude of other styles one can go for, from industrial, to vintage, or art deco.

In fact, FORM wants to showcase these other alternatives to mainstream ideas of interior design. They are putting their own twist on living in the modern age by showing us the benefits of using what you already own, harmonizing it with current trends, and creating a space that is not only visually pleasing, but also feels like home.

When arranging a space that fits the fashion of the moment, it’s easy to forget that your home should overflow with personality. Ideally, a house should be characterized by its details, setting it apart from the others. There is no reason that character and style can’t coexist.

living-room-1558191_960_720 (1)

Indeed, with a bit of creativity and some expert advice, different visual styles can effortlessly interact with each other in the same space. When introducing a sense of adventure into your home, you can make even make animal prints, geometric shapes, and contrasting block colours combine seamlessly.


In their new showroom, FORM reminds us that home can manifest harmony despite having a blend of different aesthetic styles; One can play with various looks to create something original and customized to fit their individual tastes.

And whether you’re combining elements of classic design with rustic colours and exotic statement pieces, or infusing art deco patterns with clean silhouettes, keep in mind that there are no restrictions to the look you can create. The only limit is the imagination.


There may be value in consistency, but there’s no need to have a house that looks like a catalogue. And while some pieces of furniture are the image of luxury straight out of a magazine, other pieces are a form of luxury because of their aesthetic charm in being one of a kind.

Through a mix of old-style pieces and new layouts that make the most out of a given space, FORM want to combine various design elements into one, allowing for creative freedom and creating balance, harmony, and cohesion between luxury and alternative assembly.


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