The top 5 amenities business travellers look for in a Hotel

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Anyone familiar with corporate travel will recall a number of nightmarish scenarios that can occur during a business trip.

Imagine landing to your destination in the middle of the day and having only a couple of hours to prepare and catch some sleep before your meeting – now, add the inevitable noise created by the people out and about around the hotel, and the sunlight glaring through the window panes – sleep becomes a complicated task of its own. This is why a hotel catering for business travellers must have certain amenities – it must be a place that will welcome you after a day of meetings: A place with everything you need to continue your work or enjoy a moment of respite, according to your needs and desires.

When you are on a business trip, your focus should be on the objectives of your trip. In anticipation of a long day, you need to be strong and have a clear mind, perfectly focused on the complex tasks that await you, whether this comes in the form of a series of meetings or a long conference. The last thing an individual flying on business will want is to waste time looking for home comforts, sorting through disarray, or trying to sleep in an uncomfortable environment. Here are 5 things that every business traveller should expect in their chosen hotel experience to ensure a hassle-free stay.

5- A sleeping environment

A mattress and sheets do not a sleeping environment make. A hectic itinerary often means that one will need to sleep at odd times during the day when everyone else is awake. Business travelers, especially those travelling for long hours with little or no breaks, are well-aware that the most important thing to keep them going is a good rest, whatever time of the day it is. Blackout curtains should be an indispensable feature since only a proper rest without any daylight disturbances will allow them to recharge and to perform at their best the next day.

New York is no longer the only city that never sleeps. A sound proof room has become a necessity for hotels. Silence is a priceless commodity few get to enjoy. This is especially true for business travellers – their tight schedules mean that silence is what they look for after a long and tiring day. Furthermore, preparing work material and important phone calls are best done in an environment with little noise.


4- Easy Access Ironing board

Business travellers often have to attend events that require formal attire. Long traveling hours and being constantly on the go means clothes have to be ironed again prior to being worn. Even though most hotels do offer great in-house laundry service, sometimes it is simply quicker to do it yourself. In such cases, ironing boards are a prerequisite for hotels receiving business guests on a regular basis.


3- Space and ability to work

Travelling on business generally means working at the same time, and having an adequate working area in your hotel room is usually a huge plus. Nothing is more demotivating than having to settle in an uncomfortable little table or nightstand to work on an important presentation that has to be finalized for the following day. A proper desk is a must.


2- Separate seating area

With such a hectic schedule dedicated exclusively to work, business travellers need some time each day to unwind and take their focus off the job for a while: Maybe watch some TV, read a book, call the family. A separate seating or lounge area provides that informal space where more causal pursuits are more natural. Furthermore, intimate meetings can be held here, where all individuals who partake in the discussion can be assured privacy.


1-      Wifi

It must seem too obvious, but there is a fine line between having access to Wi-Fi and having Wi-Fi. A hotel’s Wi-Fi must extend to all rooms, including lounges and, if possible, around the immediate vicinity of the building itself. It is a question of displaying trust and a genuine interest in aiding people in their endeavours.

Bonus: Gym

When travelling, slipping from your exercise routine is easy. A hotel that provides an adequate gym or other work out equipment such as yoga mats or bicycles in one’s room will be coveted by corporate travellers who relieve stress with a tough workout, or collect their thoughts over a bicycle. For lasting, cutting-edge gym equipment, we suggest Technogym – Malta’s premier provider of sports equipment.


In order to find the best hotels for your business travel abroad you need the advice of an expert at the forefront of business travel. When it comes to recommending a provider of such amenities from furnishings to gym equipment, Dex and Technogym (which, along with ideacasa, form part of the Vivendo Hospitality group) are our partners of choice.



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