Why should you choose to stay in a Boutique Hotel?

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To some of us, there is nothing we love more than the feeling of excitement generated when checking into a hotel.  I’ve lived, stayed and worked in hotels my entire life, yet I still get butterflies every time I check into a new place I haven’t stayed in before. I also love the feeling of “coming home” whenever I go back to stay in a tried and tested favourite.

I do love a big luxury resort hotel with all the facilities imaginable. Walking through the lobby is almost like walking through the main train station of an exciting cosmopolitan city. However, my heart truly skips a beat when I walk into one of those small, quaint gems that I have been visiting for years, more fashionably christened Boutique Hotels in recent years.

But why choose Boutique over Big? Here are 7 reasons why we feel a boutique hotel has the edge over a larger property

Local feel. Regardless of the city or continent, the boutique hotel inevitably gives its guests a genuine feel for the location. More often than not, they are located in areas of historical significance, breath-taking country settings or hip, trendy areas. Therefore, a stay in a boutique hotel is as much about its surroundings as it is about the building itself.

Rare experience. While some people stay exclusively at boutique hotels, others treat themselves occasionally to the rare experience characterized by their more intimate and luxurious environments, as well as more personalized accommodations and services. Many boutique hotels offer their guests the opportunity to stay in a building with a unique history or unconventional previous use.

More luxurious accommodations. There is a cosier feel to smaller-scale hotels because they are not heaving with throngs of people and monotone rooms. By contrast, boutiques often focus on a specific experience, style or image, rather than simply functionality. Some provide highly individual rooms in line with the building’s pedigree or based on different colour themes. The décor and furnishing is often of the highest standards in quality and luxury.

Newer properties. Boutiques tend to have a fresher feel as many have been more recently renovated or built, seeing that this is a relatively new hotel category. Nonetheless many are still packed full of history and architectural merit as these renovations are normally carried out very sympathetically.

Upscale designs. Whether newly constructed or historic, boutique hotels almost invariably bring a heightened sense of design and décor, which is one of the great differentiators between boutique and conventional hotels. There are many that link themselves inextricably to the reputation of the highly regarded architects and interior designers that have contributed to the final look.

Higher level of pampering. Boutiques have brought back the old-school approach to customer service. Guests are pampered, from plush lobbies, furniture and bedding to higher quality food, beverage and concierge service. A smaller number of rooms allows staff to give more importance to each individual guest that they often remember by name.

Intimate atmosphere. By virtue of their smaller size, boutiques naturally have a warmer ambiance, yet they are large enough to avoid the claustrophobic sensation one sometimes gets from cramped bed and breakfasts.

So it seems that One can say that the definition of a boutique hotel is – An accommodation that makes their guests feel happy and content while staying there, makes them feel extraordinary, makes them feel special and unique and makes them recognize that this hotel is worth discussing with others. That is most definitely my experience

If you’ve never had the pleasure of staying in a boutique hotel we invite you to experience the difference. You might even come up with some additional reasons why the boutique trend has generated such popularity among the traveling public. We would also love to hear your feedback once experienced!

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