5 (simple) ways to Detox


I know, you’ve already heard it all…New Year, New You! But it really doesn’t have to be a drastic overhaul. Here’s how.



Tweak your diet

We’re not talking big plans here. No complex schedules. Opt for small changes: Swap your coffee or tea for green tea. Add a glass of water (or three). Cut back on sugar, and start your morning with a healthy breakfast like fruit or an egg or some oats. Also, and this is especially important if you’re Maltese, cut down on the bread.

Halthy Food

Release Endorphins

We know only too well that December is dedicated to gorging ourselves at every dinner and party with every friend and acquaintance. Exercising will not only help shed the extra pounds, but does wonders for your skin, and has a plethora of psychological benefits. Our worst enemy is stress, and the only real way to relieve stress is a rigorous workout.  Get those endorphins flowing!

Reward yourself

At the heart of any luxurious activity is the investment in your own body and mind. Treat yourself to an intense treatment that focuses on pressure points, like a sports massage. Opt for a La Stone Massage, a form of message therapy that uses hot bath salt stones to create a deep tissue massage, releasing tension, easing stress, and increasing blood flow. The Athenaeum Spa at the Corinthia Palacve Hotel & Spa offers a number of massages dedicated to specific parts of the body, and more general ones with a specific goal. For example, the Jambes Tonique is a coveted forty-minute anti-fatigue leg treatment. Afterwards, pick from a selection of therapeutic treatments focused on your body, such as a sea salt and aromatic oil wrap, body scrub, or exfoliation.

Corinthia Palace Massage

Sweat it out

Heat rooms (steam rooms and saunas) have a number of benefits. Your pores open up, thus removing toxins, they improve your circulation and help you lose water weight. The sauna is hotter than the steam room and has very little moisture. If you’re not a fan of dry heat, opt for a steam room. If you decide to go to a spa, start with the workout, and then head to the Jacuzzi before facing the heat.

Cornthia Palace Sauna

Commit to it

Okay so I lied. This one’s not that simple, but it can be. Get a membership at a fitness centre and make a day at the spa something you do thing you do every 3 months.  Keep to the healthy eating plan 75% of the time and detoxing will never feel painful again.

Get in touch with the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa for gym membership detals and spa packages. 




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