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Many years ago if you suffered a blow to your front teeth you were inevitably forced to seek dental treatment. The options for cosmetic adjustments for severely broken teeth were limited to conventional metal-ceramic crowns. Advancements in cosmetic dentistry mean that today, however,  the options are endless with a whole new range of materials to choose from. The gold standard of today is all-ceramic metal-free crowns.

A Case Scenario
A young lady in her 40s had two old anterior crowns on her incisors fitted about 20 years ago. She has been comfortable with her crowns as they have never caused her any discomfort. She is, however, very conscious of them as they stand out and due to their failing aesthetics, they are easily spotted when smiling.  So she has opted for a new set of crowns

 In a case like this the following treatment plan is recommended:

  1. Patient examination and interview
  2. Photography: a very important tool for the patient to point out the exact characteristics in the current teeth which she/he dislikes
  3. Computer Projection and visual of final result
  4. Patient approval of projected crowns
  5. Choosing the materials for the projected all-ceramic crowns
  6. Removal of old crowns and preparation of new all-ceramic metal-free crowns and 2 ceramic veneers.
  7. Simultaneous tooth whitening; Laser and home whitening maintenance kit
  8. Fitting of new crowns and cementation of veneers

Before Procedure Open       After Procedure Open
                      Before                                                                    After

Some of the advantages of this course of treatment are:

  • Very short time-frame for the procedure
  • 1 or 2 appointments required. Can even be carried out in one appointment using CAD CAM technology and finished within a morning’s work.
  • Immediate results
  • Adjustment of centre-line obtaining near symmetry

Some dis-advantages are:

  • Additional veneers with a lifespan limited to 10-15 years
  • Remaining teeth aren’t perfectly straight. Though this could be rectified with an orthodontic modality prior to the construction of the new restorations, thus placing the mid-line perfectly.
  • Minor tooth preparation of veneered teeth.

Demajo Dental - Before Procedure Demajo Dental - After Procedure

                               Before                                                                                           After

Addressing this scenario is always painstaking for the patient. Reliving the trauma of many years ago as well as having to undergo another dental procedure to correct the tooth could be quite a hurdle. Very often people do not undergo the necessary treatment and keep living their everyday life with their front discoloured tooth or crown. It is a real shame as with only a little work and determination the results speak for themselves.

To discuss your options for treatment, get in touch with Drs. Demajo Dental Clinics. They can advise you about the right procedure for you.  View their partner profile for more information and contact them for an appointment.

Dr Jean Paul Demajo

Dental and Implant Surgeon
Trained in London working in private practice in Malta




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