Technogym OMNIA awarded for its unique and innovative design

Technogym - OMNIA

The 24th edition of the prize ‘Compasso d’Oro’ was won by Technogym thanks to its avant-garde design.During the last 3 years of the prestigious competition,  organized by Industrial Design Association, only 13 awards were granted by the international jury, to products with the most innovative design. In June the 237 products ever awarded in the “Compasso d’Oro” were exhibited. ‘Spazio ADI’ in Palazzo Isimbardi, in Milan

As indicated by this name, the Technogym OMNIA, which means ‘all things’, satisfies the widest range of users’ needs, abilities and aspirations. Designed by world class experts in collaboration with the company’s Scientific Research department, OMNIA guarantees the highest level of interaction, with a modular structure that ensures a compact formation ideal for those with limited space.

Technogym - OMNIA

The flooring concept with integrated markings to aid full exercise helps instructors to organize the class and allows them to personalize the layout in order to maximize use of the equipment. With particular attention to detail in all products and solutions, OMNIA’s nature embodies Technogym’s unique and innovative style. Thanks to its clean design and open layout, trainers can easily supervise all participants during workout sessions.

The ‘Compasso d’Oro’ appointed to OMNIA follows many international awards won by Technogym: these awards have always identified in Technogym products an innovative design. In fact, Technogym has recently won the ‘2016 iF Design Award’, the prestigious American award ‘GOOD DESIGN 2015’, the ‘RED DOT’ design awards 2015 in Germany, the award ‘2015 ADI DESIGN INDEX’ in Italy, and many other awards in the previous years that have always confirmed the company’s commitment in creating excellence products in the field of design.

If you are interested in finding out more about Technogym wellness solutions and equipment, contact their representatives in Malta. View their partner profile here for contact information. 


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