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The true value of an Ergonomic Chair

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Every office chair is made up of the same five key components, yet the differences in the way these parts are designed can literally make or break your back.

An ergonomic office chair is built with comfort and durability in mind. If you spend a lot of time sitting at work, then you want to stay focused, productive and healthy as much as possible.

An ergonomic chair is a healthy chair

An ergonomic chair is to an office worker what aerodynamic shoes are to an Olympic sprinter. From top to bottom, each component of a swivel chair must work together to help you effortlessly assume a healthy posture every time you sit down at your desk.

Proper back and arm support is vital for keeping your back strong, flexible and free from various aches and pains.

An adjustable back that reclines and lets you change chair height and depth helps you find the best sitting position so that you’re as comfortable at your desk as you would be in bed!

Seat fabric that is made from breathable material that keeps the chair at an optimal temperature, and provides good cushioning and support for your lower back.

A swivelling base with wheels let you easily reach across your desk or open a drawer without having to stretch or hunch over.

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