Why is Technogym a fully comprehensive architect of wellness

Technogym - 24/7 San Gwann 1

In one of the largest recent projects of its kind to date, Vivendo Group, through Technogym, supplied and installed gym and fitness machines to equip 800 m2 of training space at the 24/7 Fitness Club in San Ġwann. The equipment was chosen for its unique aesthetics and heavy-duty material. Besides outfitting both cardio and strength areas, the Group through its brand Dex, also provided soft furnishings for the lounge.

The Technogym brand promotes wellness in everything they do, from product design and medical-scientific innovation to social projects and helping the environment.  Their mission is to help people live a better life through wellness.
Wellness, as a lifestyle defined and promoted by Technogym is aimed at improving people’s quality of life though regular physical exercise, healthy nutrition and positive mental approach.

Wellness means:

  • energy and vitality
  • efficiency in any situation
  • feeling at ease with ourselves and others

Technogym - 24/7 San Gwann 1

All Technogym’s efforts are focused on finding high quality, innovative and engaging solutions to helping people achieve wellness. They design products, interfaces and wellness environments. At the heart of all their designs is the user – the person who trains with their equipment and who uses their partners’ facilities. environment.

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Since 2014, Vivendo ltd. has represented Technogym services and products in Malta. Their expertise in operating within the local market along with Technogym’s product portfolio and wellbeing ethos ensure optimum delivery of this great brand’s promise to service and quality.

Products available are not limited to equipment alone, but also services and instruments, innovative devices, and networking contents and solutions. Thus providing a total Wellness solution for our clients now also in Malta.

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View the Technogym Partner profile here and get in touch with the team who can help you create your perfect wellness solutions.


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