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5 bathroom trends

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You’re thinking about (re)building your bathroom and I can hear you think: “what are the trends and what should I go for?”
Here’s a little overview of what the top trends are at the moment.

Darker colours

Imagine a luxurious spa where you would go to relax away the stresses of your day. That’s  what darker colours in your bathroom can do. They create a warm and relaxed ambience.  Dark colours don’t always have to be black. You could easily go for dark brown, deep purple  or dark blue.

 Crisp white

One thing that never goes out of style is white. White looks clean, sharp and modern.
Combine it with some fresh colours in your accessorizing or just leave it crisp white and your  bathroom will never look old-fashioned.

Natural materials

People become more and more aware of  nature and like to keep this going in  their bathroom.
As a result we see a big trend towards  using the finest natural materials such  as stone and wood.
Natural materials don’t have to look  like you’re taking a shower in a jungle.  You can opt to use small accents in the  finer details.



Marble is something you either you love or hate. You could choose to go all the way or bring  in subtle marbled details. Marble gives a luxurious feeling to the bathroom, which is never a  bad thing.

Modern industrial

Modern industrial is a trend that is a bit more edgy and daring than some of the above. It’s modern, but  on the other hand it looks almost unfinished. Use rough materials combined with very modern looking  accessories to create this edgy look.

There you go! Five trends that are really hot right now and that could stand the test of time.

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