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5 Steps to building your outdoor Sanctuary


In a world where people are moving into ever smaller spaces, often clustered up within apartments, our appreciation for space has increased. The emergence of open-plan design and living has motivated many to open their interior spaces and connect them with outdoor areas. Indeed, decks, porches, and patios have become our new, other – and often, preferable – living room.

Creating a luxurious outside space allows you to take a reprieve from hours spent in an office, work room, the kitchen, or anywhere else indoors. Whether you are intending to use a spacious roof, porch, pool, deck, or a patio, building a sanctuary only requires a bit of imagination. These five steps will guide you through that.

1. Figuring out what you want

If shaping a stylish, open-air entertainment area with an urban feel is your aim, and if you intend on hosting both family and friends or use it for semi-formal gatherings, opting for more expansive outdoor dining designs is required. This can be done both on decks, patios, and rooftops. If you want to create a more low-key, bohemian setting, patterned fabric, lounges, and wooden furniture may be preferable. Those who like a minimalistic approach may want to consider black fibre furniture and prioritise space and ambience over utility.


2. Creating Dimension

While it is agreed upon by most professional real estate agents that, by creating space indoors, you raise the value and attractiveness of your home, the opposite can be observed with outdoor spaces. Without any framing, whether it comes in the form of walls, fences, or ceilings, your outdoors may look flat and scattered. Adding walls and ceilings allows you to create depth and positive space.

Whatever room it is that leads to your patio, consider joining them. This does not necessarily require one to knock down walls. And although windows and glass doors are enough to create a connection, consider altering the function of the room to match that of the outdoor space.

Furthermore, one must take into account that by renovating the landscape of one’s home, its value in the market increases radically. Creating a functional outdoor space, screening from neighbours and busy roads, landscape lighting, plants, and walkways all heighten the attractiveness of one’s home.

3. Choosing a company that will take care of your needs

A company with experience in the field of design and a keen awareness of shifting trends will guide you through creating the outdoor space you picture whenever you close your eyes and imagine it. With more than twelve years of experience, Ideacasa is one of the best companies you could opt for. They have a team of qualified designers, exclusive partnerships with international suppliers, and have recently launched their latest collection of outdoor furniture: Cane-line.



4. Setting the ambience

You do not need a garden in order to have a natural, inviting outdoor space. If the space you intended to use is your rooftop, adding plants will add a touch of natural life that accentuates its atmosphere. You can use flowers, low maintenance plants, or place rosemary and chives for a touch of purple, spring onions for a dash of white, basils for a blend of both, and pineapple sage for a streak of red. To create a natural, warm ambience, transmute the bland, white roof walls through a cladding or seamless stone texture. Wooden fences, and parasols will definitely help you in this direction.

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Lighting is also key to setting atmosphere. Remember that cool lines, low-key lighting, and low energy bluish hues shift focus away from the objects and the physical landscape and unconsciously instil a more introspective mood. On the other hand, a soft, auburn light accentuates a feeling of warmth, hominess, and informality.

5. Adding the accessories

If you have a pool, sunbeds and parasols are a must. If you want to create a fabulous lounge, adding scatter pillows and footstools are key, and for cover, add a pavilion. Then come dining tables and chairs for fans of evening BBQs by the pool. For the rough winter weather and the rare showers of rain during summer, buy strong, water-resistant, solution-dyed furniture covers. Other accessories such as planters, storage, lamps and lanterns, and stools are all vital to completing your outdoor space.



Ideacasa’s new collection, Cane-line, features all the outdoor furniture and accessories one could think of. If you need help and guidance, their team of designers will walk you through the steps. Take a look at their brochure, found in their website, to get a solid idea of the many results you can achieve. View their partner profile here.


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