6 last-minute Christmas gifts for those who love to accessorize

Wooden Dolls

As anyone you talk to might bring up in conversation, it’s only a few days till Christmas; With all the preparations under way, it’s easy to get distracted and forget about of one of the most anticipated parts of the holiday – giving and receiving presents.

To help you with any last-minute gift shopping you have to do, we carefully compiled a list of a few select designer pieces that should appeal to the tastes of anyone who appreciates individual design, unique touches, and fun!

1. Girard Wool Blankets

Made with 100% Merino lambswool, this blanket is for anyone who enjoys cozying up on a sofa, or simply delights in having a subtle coloured accent to complement any room decorated in light colours and cozy textures. By weaving together alternating constellations of vibrant and muted colour tones, the blankets weave together hypnotizing patterns with an aesthetically creative touch.

Girard Wool Blankets

2. Graphic Print Pillows

The Graphic Print Pillows by Alexander Girard bring to life abstract graphics and expressive figurative elements in their design, creating striking visual accents. Optimally suited as a decorative accessory, these soft pillows find their place in a diverse range of interior styles. The figures and patterns, their vivid colours and high degree of differentiation, exude a cheery playfulness that makes them an ideal gift for young creatives with an eye for modern design, who are looking to spruce up their own personal space. They are a perfect statement piece that is as tasteful as it is distinctive.

Graphic Print Pillows

3. Wooden Dolls

Created for the first time in 1953, these dolls are a whimsical assortment of figures both joyful and grim, originally meant for the designer’s own home. Today, inspired by a passion for the folk art of South America, Asia, and Eastern Europe, they add a charming touch to any interior, and invoke a feeling of old-fashioned traditions that is in balance with and doesn’t impose itself on modern décor.

Wooden Dolls

4. Classic Trays

The Classic Trays, which are made of laminated plywood, come in a number of assorted patterns, created by Girard for various purposes. With their quirky and colourful patterns, they’re an ideal fit for a sleek, new kitchen that requires an additional splash of eccentricity. It is perfect for those who love to set up, decorate, and entertain their guests by serving them dishes brought to the table on a fantastic tray.

Classic Trays

5. Hang it all

Putting the ‘fun’ in ‘functional’, the ‘Hang it all’ is a playful alternative that makes being more organized fun, rather than a chore. Used instead of simple hooks, the brightly coloured wooden balls of the coat rack are aimed at encouraging you to literally hang up all your things. And thanks to the uniform distance between the balls, multiple coat racks can be mounted alongside one another for additional storage. When giving it as a gift, you can also be creative; Give it to parents who want to teach their children to tidy up in fun way, or home owners who want to make their space more lively.

Hang It All

6. Wall Clocks – Triangle Clock

Looking up at the clock to check the time has never been this stylish. Conceived by designer George Nelson, this wall clock is ideal for anyone who is always running late; They offer a refreshing alternative to conventional clocks, and the wide selection of different designs make it possible to find the perfect model to suit any individual’s taste. The high-quality quartz movements are accurate in telling time, and paired with a diversity in range of forms and materials that all catch the eye, these clocks make sure that their owner is never late again.

Wall Clocks - Triangle Clock

While some of these gift ideas are more decorative, and others are more functional, what they all have in common is that they’re all highly stylish, and will accentuate any room they are placed in. And, they are also sure to be received with a smile. These pieces and many more are all part of the extensive Vitra collection found at DEX Workspaces, which can be explored further at their showroom in Qormi.


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