A combination of design, style, and comfort to better your health with ergonomic chairs


We spend more than 9 hours sitting per day, more than the time spent sleeping (around 8). Although it may be comfortable, sitting is not a natural position our body is built for, and this ultimately damages our body and puts our health at risk. To prevent many diseases such as chronic back pain, it is important to know how to choose the chair or desk chair.

The perfect office chair should be adjustable, deep and stable.  It should help you do your work comfortable and in a more effective manner –
one which does not compromise your health and assists in the movement of your body.

DEX Workspaces offers busy executives a selection of ergonomic office chairs that are suited to the needs of operative, managerial, and directorial staff. We will help you select a chair (or desk chair) which is most suitable for your needs, and on which you will spend a lot of time. Indeed, you’ll be using it more than anything else during your day – including your bed!

We recommend three types of ergonomic office chairs:



An Economical, Ecological and Lasting addition to any office The innovative polyamide back frame is moulded in a precise manner, covered with a net-weave sling, and it provides targeted lumbar support.  Simultaneously, the backrest offers flexibility and freedom of movement. A slight indentation in the contoured seat keeps the pelvis upright, maximizing comfort. All these characteristics are combined with a synchronised mechanism to create instant comfort and, with intuitive controls, users do not run the risk of making incorrect adjustments. (certified with the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified Label.)

Grand Executive:
Dex Grand Executive

The grand Executive chair blends elegance with comfort for the functionality of a modern, ostentatious office chair. Covered in high-quality leather, its softly padded upholstery provides supreme comfort. The Grand executive Highback model is equipped with an adjustable neck cushion; meanwhile, the FlowMotion mechanism can be adapted to the individual user to ensure synchronized comfort in every sitting position.




In an office, an ergonomic chair is essential, especially to those who spend long hours every day. The flexible, elongated backrest hangs from articulated joints at the support points for the lower back and neck. In the upright position, primary support is given to the abdominal segment of the torso. When the sitter leans back, the shoulders sink into the back panel and the upper backrest extension tilts forward to support the head. This effectively prevents muscle strain in the neck and shoulder areas.

To better adapt to your environment and needs, DEX Workspaces will make every effort to offer you office chairs that are ergonomic yet pertain to the style and ambience of your space. DEX Workspaces offers many other choices from a range of practical and luxury ergonomic chairs.


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