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Individual interior design starts on the floor.  With today’s increased design appreciation and advanced technology, parquet floor design knows no limits and offers creative freedom like never before. A wide selection of flooring is available, namely laminate, veneered, engineered, vinyl as well as solid wood and composite decking for outdoor use.  This enables buyers to choose a material that not only what suits their taste and matches the building décor, but that is also practical for their lifestyle and daily wear and tear.

Both in commercial and residential environments, laminate flooring is experiencing a higher level of appreciation than ever not least because of its high resilience and durability, energy efficiency and easy maintenance.  This makes it also suitable for heavy duty demands in high traffic areas such as commercial spaces.  The pioneer brand of laminate flooring, Parador, boasts authentic interpretations of high quality timbers and realistic transformations of other classic materials like stone and concrete into laminate flooring.  The wood décors available blend well with both classic and modern furnishing styles, and meet the latest urban and vintage trends in unusual graphic motifs and designs, all in different plank formats, surface textures and joint patterns. For any design project that is seeking to stand out creatively, Parador also offers the option of having any given motif depicted on the floor in a photo realistic way thanks to an innovative printing process. Top designer Karim Rashid has used this technology from Parador to develop three floor variations for a lifestyle hotel in Berlin, which fit in seamlessly with the overall concept of the interior, thus putting the floor in a special light.

Engineered flooring refers to real wood flooring composed of a number of layers, making the floor more stable and long lasting. This category of floors comes in numerous wood types, various plank formats and installation patterns, plus different surface treatments opening up a unique spectrum for exclusive floor design, such as that available from Parador, Boen and Lamett. Real wood floors increase the value of living areas in a visible manner and the natural material gives every room a sense of warmth and homeliness, providing an ideal basis for tasteful, style-conscious furnishing. Oak, which has always been a classic among real wood floors, is as versatile today as never before. Besides oak, ash is also making a big appearance. Special treatment and finishing techniques mean that it repeatedly surprises with a lively warmth and unique appearance.  Installation patterns also make a big difference to the way the floor looks. The desire for “old” values is a phenomenon of our times, and with installation patterns such as herringbone and checkerboard patterns, this trend is being met in the most versatile way.

For those who love the look and feel of real wood floors, but prefer the practical benefits of laminate, the innovative flooring brand Par-ky offers veneered flooring, where every floorboard has a thin top layer of real wood, making each plank unique. Finished with no fewer than eight thick layers of lacquer, this flooring is extremely impact resistant, making it perfect for home, office or shop use.

Modern technology has also resulted in a new form of vinyl floor. It is not the kind of vinyl we have come to know a few years ago, but a high quality resilient floor that comes in various wood décors, surface textures and formats, and that is installed with a click system. This type of floor is the ideal choice for people with high quality standards, where both traditional and modern furnishing ideas are possible. It is 100% waterproof, resistant to dampness, extremely silent and can be installed on existing flooring. Apart from being suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and children’s rooms, vinyl flooring is also a perfect choice for restaurants, entertainment establishments and offices since it is also non-slip for added safety and comfort.

For outdoors too, one can choose individual flooring design for balconies, terraces and open areas. There is a choice of different timbers, which are available with untreated or oil impregnated surfaces and come in various formats and colours, be it decking tiles or planks with plain or grooved surfaces. Composite decking options are also available, as well as substructures with adjustable highly resistant pedestals ideal for levelling uneven surfaces.

The above flooring options can all be found at Brands International Ltd., representatives of internationally renowned brands Parador, Boen, Par-ky and Lamett. Quality assurance is taken care of from the creative stage through to installation. Top international architects and designers have backed these flooring brands internationally and the aim at Brands International is to make these flooring options accessible to everyone. One can rest assured that the experienced technical team will assist through the entire process, from choosing the right floor, to a timely and professional installation, and reliable after-sales service.


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