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New at FORM, a collection of large print murals in the contemporary idiom having a high level of innovative design input.

Designing or redesigning your bedroom, kitchen, living room, office, restaurant or bar? There are many more options to name, so let’s say any room with walls? There are already many options to consider and to choose from. Whether you prefer durable, stylish or unique; having a creative design on your wall makes your room stand out from the usual run-of-the-mill rooms with normal wallpaper or paint.

FORM brings you a collection of large print murals that offer a new level of innovative design when it comes to wall decoration. It makes your wall a part of the room you want to keep looking at.

These murals are another mode of decoration to create interest on your walls but different from the usual wallpaper designs. Bold, sophisticated, imaginative and artistic, these murals will definitively sit well in whatever room you’re decorating.

Made from the latest materials and making use of the latest printing technology, the collection of murals by Smart Deco of Italy should prove to be a popular addition to the  design portfolio of interior designers

FORM’s main goal is to make furnishings available that have design merit, are well made and that constitute value for money. This, coupled with their efforts to provide the most technical information and professional advice possible, ensures that their clients are provided with the best service after sales experience possible.

There will be 3 murals installed at the FORM showroom, showing the diversity in style and their applicability to different areas creating interest in what more often than not are bland surfaces. Their showroom can be visited at Valley Road in Msida. You will be stunned by the wonderful effect these Smart Deco Murals have on any wall. For more information, have a look at their partner profile here.






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