Are you sitting comfortably?



Many of us live a sedentary lifestyle, spending hours each day sitting at desks or curled up on sofas watching TV. In fact, studies have shown that we are sitting down more than ever before. I for one am guilty of terrible posture while lounging on the sofa of an evening watching the telly.

Here are two options to take the strain off sitting.



Stressless from Norway……. where comfort is a promise fulfilled.

The unique internal back and neck mechanism in Stressless® recliners embraces and supports your body like nothing else out there. What makes Stressless recliners unique?

  • Almost every model comes in 3 sizes
  • Their Body flow movement means that no motors or electrical wiring is required
  • Selection of different leathers, wood bases, finishes and colours to suit everyone’s taste
  • Separate stool that can be moved back and forth depending on individual height
  • Adjustable headrest for sleep mode



Strässle Switzerland……. is constructed in layers from different materials together with a specific cushion (padding) for ultimate comfort.

Some of the features included in the Strassle range are :

  • Motorised or manually adjustable
  • Motorised options are completely effortless to use
  • Separate motor for the back and feet
  • Manual adjustable headrest for more neck support
  • Some models are available with accessories such as a massage device and a heater


This technology makes the experience of sitting in these recliners totally stress free.

Stop in, and have a seat, at Boris Arcidiacono on Tower Road in Sliema and be amazed how you can better your comfort while you are seated.

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  1. Carmen says:

    Must check these out


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