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BoConcept - Upholstery

BoConcept’s upholstered furniture is designed to provide you with perfect sitting comfort.

That’s why they primarily use high resilient foam in their seat cushions. High resilient foam is very structurally stable, ensuring optimum comfort and a long lifetime.

Their  leather and fabrics are all selected based on the design and function of the individual products they are to be used for.

They use leathers from three gradings:

  • Corrected leather that has been treated to provide a more uniform appearance. The surface has a fine structure and the feel is nice and soft. It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Semi-aniline treated leather has been corrected slightly leaving a large part of the natural grain intact and most hallmarks visible. It has an exclusive feel and provides maximum sitting comfort. Through use, semi-aniline treated leather will receive a beautiful patina that gives character to the product. This type of leather requires a little bit more maintenance than corrected leather.
  • Aniline leather is the most exclusive leather at BoConcept. The grain appears untouched and any hallmarks will be visible. The natural softness of the leather is preserved to ensure exceptional seating comfort. Over the years, aniline leather will become more beautiful and add character to the sofa or chair. This leather requires maintenance before use as well as during use to protect it from sunlight and spills.

But functionality should not be considered without form and design. Design magazine Dwell caught up with  BoConcept’s upholstery director, Stefano Sette, at the Santa Monica showroom, where he gave us his insights on the present and future of hue and texture. Read more here






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