Bring the Northern lights into your home with simple yet elegant Scandinavian design.


With all things Scandinavian dominating the conversation in the worlds of food, fashion and culture at the moment, it comes as no surprise that Nordic aesthetic is also leaving its mark on the world of interior design. BoConcept – with its six decades of experience in Danish design – is a leading brand whose concepts focus on interiors that explore the essence of Scandinavian simplicity. This emerges best in their ‘Northern lights’.

Picture rooms bathed in the crisp lights that grace over the skies of Scandinavia, the earthy colours of nature, the fine integrity of wood, and the comforts of a warm home. Think of clean uniform lines combining in perfect unity with a variety of small personal touches. All these small elements and details come together in Northern simplicity, because sometimes simplicity is the most exciting and beautiful thing of all.


Imagine stretching out on a cosy, comfortable sofa in front of a crackling fire, with a warm cup of tea in hand after a long day, surrounded by genuine materials and rugged textures. Think crisp whites, comforting greys, soft leathers in tan or caramel hues, authentic patterns and chunky textures on snug rugs.

The Scandinavian look is also about creating an individual, functional and coordinated look, so whilst keeping things simple in a living or dining setup, you can bring the overall look to life through a subtle but striking accent colour on the sofa. For example, a jade green sofa finished off with oak legs, matching the dining table and chair legs in the nearby room, would contribute to a consistent and integrated look without giving up an individual sense of style.


Adding pleasing colours, such as clear whites and calming neutrals, serves to soften out any rough edges in the room. On the other hand, another characteristic of Nordic interiors is a play on contrasts, which you can see in the sharp lines of a bookcase contrasting the soft, rounded contours of your favourite armchair. While this creates definition and boldness, it’s still subtle enough to keep your interior inviting. Along with being an exercise in lightness and brightness, thanks to the subtle tones bathing the room, it also provides the space with more calm.

To further enhance the airiness of a room, nothing beats the simplicity of a clear glass dining table, and having the option of extending it in the case of additional guests is an added plus.

Como-wall-system-and-fusion-chairStyling your personal spaces is individual and distinctive for each person and every room, and surely there’s plenty to surprise and delight the eye of every beholder. But relaxation and enjoyment of the finer things in life is practically universal.

Express yourself with accessories in muted shades and pastels to keep the mood light and bright. Bowls, dishes and vases with rustic glazes add further texture and an emphasized sense of nature’s perfection manifesting itself into your home. Using natural materials in the home adds authenticity, and a feeling of connection to Scandinavian values. Focus on marble, terracotta, concrete, ceramics and metal in charcoal greys, soft mints, deep purples and dusky pinks, and play with different sized items to keep the look interesting. Think pestle and mortars, dishes, salt and pepper mills, kitchen roll holders, and magnetic pot trivets in a mix of white and green marble, oak, glass and concrete.


Adding reflections and shiny details through mirrors and reflective surfaces is a big trend this season but the key is to keep it coordinated and controlled. To finish off the perfect natural look without losing its credibility in mirroring nature, think rose-toned copper on pendant lights, floor lamps, table lamps and even side tables and mirrors.

With ‘Northern Lights’, the sky’s the limit. Visit the BoConcept showroom in San Gwann, for endless Scandinavian inspiration.

To find out more about BoConcept’s range of interiors, you can also visit their Partner Profile.


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