Bringing a warm glow to Valletta


Valletta is a city teaming with beautiful architecture, fashioned by true artisans of their craft. Each corner, side street, doorway and arcade offer their own unique ambience and evocative mood.  My personal favourite is the arcade adjacent to the National Library, just off Pjazza Regina.

The arcade is adorned with the most exquisitely carved Maltese stone ceiling, creating a honey coloured tapestry overhead.  The setting is made even more majestic by the imposing entrance to the Biblioteca Nazjonali.  So there could have been no more fitting venue for Mdina Glass’s installation at this year’s Notte Bianca festivities.


94 flickering handmade Nero Lattice Lanterns adorned this grand space creating an ambience of warmth, romance and enchantment. These handmade, mouth blown glass lanterns added a warm glow that enhanced the already magical surroundings.  Encased in a lattice metal structure, the diamond shaped glass that emerges between the contrasting metalwork, emulated the relief work in the stone carvings above.

Like the city itself, each lantern is carefully crafted by artisans, individually, making each piece totally unique. From raw materials, molten glass is created and mouth blown using blowpipes. The glassblowers also use their hands and basic tools to shape the molten glass into the shape now known as the Nero lantern. This form of glassmaking is an ancient craft, believed to date back to approximately the last century B.C. Each lantern is encased in the purpose-made lattice metalwork and finished with high-grade leather handles.

Mdina Glass creates the Nero Lattice lantern in a variety of sizes and colour combinations.  For indoors our outside these lanterns look stunning day or night.  Visit any one of their stores or their online shop to see the full collection.


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