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theordore alexandre

Although the advent of grey, monochrome schemes and modern furnishings have proliferated in both esteem and popularity, the lure of the traditional remains just as evident. The two distinguished styles have been on opposite ends for decades, but designers have moved away from the one-or-the-other approach, and are taking Aristotle’s lessons on the golden mean to heart. FORM’s classics department caters specifically for those who want to take a traditional approach to decorating their homes, and for those who want a blend of both, their other ranges make them the ideal one stop design emporium.

Form has created a close relationship with Theodore Alexander, one of the big names in modern classical furnishing and home décor. Found at leading stores such as Harrods and Gran Casa, he is an expert in increasingly rare traditional skills, techniques, and materials. His ability to replicate original classics – especially artefacts of the revered Art Deco period – with the zenith of accuracy and without compromise, has made him a firm favourite in both high-end Manhattan and other cities in North America and Europe. Theodore Alexander has managed to reproduce rare collections from St Petersburg, and the Althorp, the household of the prominent aristocratic Spencer family.

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Working hand-in-hand with him, Form has launched a very select connoisseur range of lighting and accent pieces that will open up new horizons to designers and aficionados of fine furniture. In the collection, one can find consoles, mirrors and lamps from the Art-Deco period, and a range of exquisite Provencal pieces. The Provencal decorative pieces consist of fine chairs, desks, and lamps. To those who want to move away from the current mainstream furniture, this collection features a gateway to an abundance of new design options.

Those with a keen eye for design and experimentation may wish to pair some of these pieces with the sleek contemporary style of designers such a Rimadesio who specialise in glass finishes, and Natuzzi, renowned for their popular sofa and chair designs.


Has your affection for the traditional been rekindled? Check out Theodore Alexander’s collection of accent pieces and other designers at Form; visit their partner profile here, where you can find contact information and access their website.


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