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Building your own little paradise with Ideacasa


Whether you are a busy stay-at-home parent, a high-flying executive attached to a desk and in and out of meetings all day, or perhaps a doctor or lawyer who spends the day listening and talking to the queues of people who file in an out of your office, the carousel never stops turning. In this day and age, our lives have become increasingly full and our work-life balance ever more unbalanced.

At the end of the day, your joints ache, stress clouds your head, and exhaustion creeps up your body. When the bedroom door opens, the least we deserve is to be surrounded by the things we love. Whether it is a painting you adore; a rug that soothes your bare feet as you tread over it; or the soft, subdued glow of the lighting; your bedroom is your own personal safe haven.

As I write this post, I glance to my right. There’s a quill, a diary, a tiny vial of Scottish whiskey (which I’ve been tempted to drink on a number of occasions) and a couple of photos on my nightstand; next to it stands a small bookshelf, where my favourite books – and many I still have to read – are stacked. On my drawer there’s a collection of gifts, mementos, and knickknacks – I rarely ever look at them, but when I do, they do not fail to bring pleasant memories to the surface, and with them in my mind, I am often lulled to sleep.


For any bedroom to be the perfect retreat, the recipe is simple: Enough storage to hide away the clutter but have the important accents on display; the right amount and size of furniture to fit the room; a soothing colour scheme and a great bed. If you long to recreate your dream bedroom but can’t really envisage the final product, Ideacasa has a team of talented consultants, who can sit down with you, understand your vision, and help to make the dream a reality. They will present outstanding conceptual designs to build your little safe haven – your bedroom.


Ideacasa brings exclusive contemporary furniture through a network of high-end brands and offers a comprehensive selection of products out of the box or tailor made for every room in your home. With Ideacasa you can also go to town on the other rooms of your home. Create a soft, warm atmosphere in your living room, a sleep sanctuary in your bedroom, or simply lift the look of an existing room with a selection of statement pieces from brands you can trust.


Ideacasa has several offers to help your inspiration along and  are currently selling all their display furniture at great prices. So this is the perfect time to drop by and speak to their team of consultants and designers to get the look you have been after.

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