Changing seasons, changing linens; For a bedroom that looks like spring and feels like summer


In Malta, the end of winter inevitably means that summer is fast approaching.

Your wardrobe sheds some of its layers, the beach starts looking more inviting, and your bedsheets start feeling too heavy. As such, making the transition from cozier quilts to lighter bedding is a bit of a ritual.

Outside, we’ve been lucky enough to start feeling the warmth again. But with Malta being notorious for unpredictable weather, the transition requires some benefit of the doubt and a trust in the quality of the sheets you choose.

Despite the challenge in choosing the right linens, this season, Schlossberg is boasting two new collections that will make you forget all about thicker sheets, and let you revel in the changing seasons’ promise of a breath of fresh air.


Featuring five distinct hand-drawn designs, the Summer Swing bed linen collection is characterized by an overarching aesthetic that fuses together rich green shades – reminiscent of fresh foliage – with delicate touches of magenta, fuchsia, and coral – that bring to mind blossoming spring flora. The explosion of vibrant colours will breathe a new life into your bedroom that reflects the pleasures of an exotic summer paradise.

Schlossberg_SS17_AMY-blanc_D146935_RGB Schlossberg_SS17_PALMINA-rose_MARIKO-beige_D146686_RGB Schlossberg_SS17_DELIA-vert_D146591_RGB

Hand-crafted by a team of experts, Schlossberg’s new collection is designed with attention to detail and a care that ensures that each garment’s delicate feel replicates the spirit of summer.


OPEN AIR Zimmer + Rohde

With their vibrant solid colours and dynamic designs, this collection also mirrors the energetic days of summer. From more subtle designs to fun patterns, the vigor captured in this collection recalls the warmth and life characterizing a perfect summer day.

Schlossberg_SS17_MODERN-DANCE-bleu-gris_D146596_RGB Schlossberg_SS17_QUINN-vert_D146550_RGB Schlossberg_SS17_NEPTUNE-brun-rose-gris_D146554_RGB

Schlossberg’s new collection resonates with all that summer promises to be; Light, dynamic, vibrant, and full of life.

You can take a look and get a feel for what the new collections are all about at Boris Arcidiacono, whose experts will help you choose the right sheets to dress up your bed.

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