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With summer nights fast approaching you might soon be gasping for a cool night’s sleep. Spring 2015 at Form sees the introduction of 3 innovative bedding products to help you keep cool this summer. .

The Microgelfibre pillow by MASH: fibre interior treated with gel coolant and covered in a complementary, crispy, Cotton/Tencel cover  to provide an ever fresh feel  whilst you sleep.

The latest generation mattress Protector: impermeable but breathable:  in washable Natural Tencel fabric that also regulates temperature control through its cellular structure ensuring a cool sleeping surface.

Celestial, the new top of the range Deep Sleep mattress:  Celestial contains original, unique features giving you a choice between a regular firmness side and a firmer one as well as a choice of two of the most luxurious mattress toppers over a quality spring core : an IKOOL* gel infused memory foam topper  to provide you with a cooler sleep and an interchangeable thermo sensitive memory foam for use during those cold wintry nights.  It requires the simplest maneuvering to change firmness and topper choice.  Celestial follows on from the success of the KOOL and BREEZE mattresses reconfirming the current trend towards cooler sleep.

*Ikool is the most innovative bedding product in the world to date and classified as a memory foam with a difference: it is reckoned to be 12 times cooler than any other mattress due to the infused gel beads that act as coolants and its amazing open cell structure whilst retaining Memory foams’ soft release properties.

Stop in at FORM, in Valley Road, Msida to learn more about Cool sleep.


  1. Mikeymoo says:

    Good One!

  2. Tezi07 says:

    Ahhhh! Very much needed in summer


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