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The alarm rings; I hit snooze and bury my head further into the pillow. The bed is such a place of comfort and tranquillity that I struggle to pull myself away from its cosy confines. After a while, I surrender, unwrap myself from the sheets and get ready for my morning jog. Once home again, part of the morning routine is always to make the bed, re-creating the welcoming environment that I will crawl into again at the end of the day.  Every self-respecting bachelor pad should always have a well-made bed. This includes clean, ironed, matching bed linen.

Experiencing warmer climates in Malta for the majority of the year, it is important to keep our sleep environment cool as well as uncluttered.  Besides the pleasant temperatures of air conditioning or fans, the use of good quality cotton linens is important when it comes to getting that great night’s sleep. After a vigorous workout at the gym or a searing day in the sun, nothing feels better than slipping into bed to enjoy the cool, fresh texture of the fabric against overheated skin.

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And for a true touch of luxury and quality, you need look no further than German brand Elegante, from Boris Arcidiacono. As an internationally established purveyor of tranquil sleep, Elegante, the No. 1 Bed-linen Supplier in Germany, is committed to the provision of high quality, 100% cotton sateen.  Their collections come in many designs which create a modern, stylish atmosphere that adds character to any bedroom.  We have selected a few of the designs available that we believe will create that cool yet sophisticated “bachelor pad” look to lull you into a cosy night’s sleep after a day on the go.

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The team at Boris Arcidiacono are on hand in store to take you through their selection of Elegante bed linen and other brands.  As experts in sleep solutions they can advise you on the best options for you to get a thoroughly restful night.  So whether you choose to bounce out of bed or hit snooze just one more time, Boris Arcidiacono can ensure that your bed becomes your favourite place in your entire home.

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Boris Arcidiacono - Elegante - No 1 Bed-linen supplier


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