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Creating a children’s bedroom: who calls the shots?


A child is the most cherished person in a family home. S0 why not treat them to a bedroom that’s designed with the same care and attention given to the interior design of the rest of the house. In fact, designing a child’s bedroom can open up a completely fresh and exciting world of design options! It’s a perfect place to be as bold, creative or magical as you want.

The ideation process is fantastic especially getting the children involved so as to have their personality expressed in the design. Some parents might even learn a few new things about their children that they hadn’t realised, like their new favourite colour, cartoon character or sports star.

A well-conceived children’s bedroom will incorporate all the correct elements  that will encourage your child to grow and learn through play and inhabiting their own space.  It will also create a sense of protection and comfort that children seek out from their familiar spaces.

Something to read

If space permits, a great item to incorporate into your child’s room is a bookcase. Fill it with stories, informative literature, poetry, etc. A cosy nook close by could create the perfect spot for a reading corner, that could encourage your child to pick up a book and sit and read for hours. If your child is too young to read, you could still be innovative and educational by using alphabet wall art or floor mats for them to interact with.

 Softer Comforts

As well as being a playroom, the bedroom also has to be a place where your child can be relaxed and totally at ease. Be sure to incorporate comfortable blankets and bedding, soft toys and lots of pillows and some soft edges to create a cosy bedroom that will ensure your child will get a good night’s sleep.

Let them choose

When your children are old enough to express their own ideas and preferences allow them to make some of the decisions: Even bigger decisions such as what type of flooring, what to hang on the walls, or what accessories to add. Giving them a say in the decisions making process ultimately creates ownership and will make them fall in love with their new room all the more.


Durable, stylish furniture

All the design, ideas and accessories will come to nothing if not complemented by durable, practical furniture. Siloma knows that when a client buys a piece of furniture they make a difficult choice: it’s not just choosing a bedroom, but it is the choice of an ideal and expression of their lifestyle.

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Siloma offers the perfect range of children’s bedroom furniture to fit the bill. Moreover they select the most respected and reputable retailers to collaborate with, who are able to guarantee and offer support in the design and service that matches their exacting standards.

You will find a wide choice of Siloma Children’s Bedrooms exclusively at Ideacasa. Stop by to view the range and discuss your child’s perfect play and sleep solutions with their talented design team.


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