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Based on the Danish design traditions of simplicity and functionality, the furniture retailer BoConcept carries a valuable legacy. And the ambition is to make it to the benefit of customers worldwide.

The company started in 1952 in Denmark and has since then developed their proud design legacy into an international concept, making Danish design available to customers around the world.

There are today over 260 BoConcept Brand Stores in more than 60 countries. The first one opened in Paris in 1993. This was followed by Tokyo, Shanghai, London, Copenhagen, New York, Berlin, Athens and Dubai in a steady stream from Asia to North and South America and Europe.

Urban mindset

For BoConcept being urban-minded means lots of energy, modernity as well as a great love for design and trends. Urban life across the globe inspires to work with limited space, to let good design and functionality go hand in hand and to provide an incredible display of opportunities to customise a sofa or wall system to fit individual needs. Design consultants and interior decorators at the BoConcept stores around the world offer a dedicated and professional service to help customers make the most out of their space.

 Respect for the customer

Apart from great-looking design, a high level of professional service is an important part of a BoConcept store. One of the core values of BoConcept is RESPECT. It is about meeting customers with respect by being friendly and receptive. The atmosphere in the stores underlines this, but respect is also about listening to and sensing the customers’ needs and knowing how to help them. Trained at the BoConcept University, sales associates and design consultants work hard every day to create the best design solutions for customers. They use state-of-the art technology in the stores to visualise all the options, but most importantly they listen in order to learn more about the needs and tastes of their customers.

With its successful and popular concept, the experience of going into a BoConcept store is basically the same – whether you are in Barcelona or Singapore. It always features the comfort and simplicity of Danish design combined with the cool urban vibe of the big cities and the experience of extraordinarily good service.

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