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Designing a Luxury Kitchen with Lasting Power


When it comes to remodelling your kitchen, or any room for that matter, following trends can be a risky investment, but it doesn’t have to be: A good look at the trends and design options that continue to garner the esteem of designers allows you to filter out fleeting inclinations for the options and styles with true, lasting power.


Opt for the right colours

It may be surprising, but classic, crisp white kitchens remain the top choice for both high-end interior designers and customers alike. In fact, their popularity had a whopping 20% increase from last year. With its icy, simple, and cool appearance, the glass-like glossy sheen is rivalling more matt wood finishes for the preferred look.

If you want a touch of colour, consider taking a look at suave, grey schemes. A steady shift towards warmer greys has been occurring, creating an amazing palette of muted grey taupe. Blending these two low-energy colours and accentuating them with high-key lighting (strong, diffused light) establishes an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance. Monochrome colour schemes have kept an expensive and exclusive aura. Adding materials such as wood or hot-colours like red, yellow, or auburn helps balancing the otherwise cold hues with a bit of warmth.

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Space is the new black: Choosing Appliances

Ask any real estate agent, and you will get the same answer: Create space. For a true feel of luxury in your Kitchen, opt for small, micro-appliances. Remember, small isn’t necessarily cheap. An appliance’s use of space has become a singular determining feature that defines its worth. A refrigerator no longer has to take the form of a single, hulking unit. There is now a trend towards concealed under counter options side by side with ice makers and wine coolers.

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Texture: Granite, Quarts, or Porcelain?

When it comes to countertops, Quartz has steadily become a material to go for. It is praised for being indestructible in kitchen prep environments. You are guaranteed that – unless you take a sledgehammer to it – it will not chip or crack. Unlike Granite, it does not require annual sealing, and it is stain and bacteria resistant. Quartz is ultra-contemporary and cold, thus blending seamlessly with the previous suggestions on colours to opt for.

It is however Porcelain surfaces that are taking the crown. Made of a high-density, low-porosity ceramic, they are known to designers as sintered compact surfaces, and have bloomed in popularity in 2016. Although it shares many characteristics with the aforementioned material (Quartz), its superior resistance to heat along with its versatility makes it the preferred choice.  Porcelain can be manufactured in a variety of thicknesses and for a multitude of purposes from benchtops to vertical surfaces such as cupboards, splash-backs, and even doors.

Go Italian: Pick the right brand

It is important to ask for professional expertise in the intricate process of turning what you picture your Kitchen to be into reality. Malta’s leading brand in furnishing, accessorising, and design, FORM, has combined its 67 years of experience with one of Italy’s most respected names in both the Italian and continental Kitchen sector. Euromobil is always at the cutting edge of kitchen design and functionality. Supported with the best hardware available on the market, it will guarantee the result you desire, whether you prefer a matt or glossy glass lined look, a practical polymeric finish, a classy veneer, a fine lacquered finish or a blend of finishes.

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If you would like to see more examples of Euromobil Kitchens from FORM , check out their profile, where you will find information about their showroom, website, and other valuable contact details.



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