Discover a universe of beautiful colour and texture for your bedroom

Carre Blanc Bed Linen Masculine

Whatever the colour scheme in your bedroom, there is no better way to keep your décor looking fresh and innovative, than by updating your bed linen.

If you already have a distinct colour scheme or pattern on your walls or in the curtain fabric, finding a throw cover or cushions to complement it shouldn’t be too hard. All you need to do is highlight an accent colour…and hey presto, a whole new look!


If on the other hand your room Is defined by a neutral palette of block colours, you can afford to be bolder in your choice of bed linens. Pick large colourful patterns for a brave contemporary look, or geometrical patterns for a more masculine feel.  Soft florals and nature motifs lend themselves to a more classic, feminine ambience.

If you are looking for one of the most comprehensive selections around to get your unique look, you should look no further than Carré Blanc. As the creators of emotions, they design each of their patterns to be a true gift.

Choosing your bed linen is a bit like making a statement. By choosing a bed set, you create an atmosphere that lives throughout your room and transports you while you sleep. Carré Blanc linens bring delicacy, sensuality and colour to your room.

Every piece exudes quality with fine details and finishes that feel great on the skin. Each Carré Blanc product is made with care and detail and plays a daily role in all the magical moments of your life.

From the very inception of the brand, an internal creative team has taken on market trends, working with the best Parisian style agencies to achieve concepts and products that become part of the repertoire that embodies the unlimited imagination of Carré Blanc.

Just like complementing your existing décor, your choice of linens also often complements and reveals a lot about your own personality.  So whether you are colourful and gregarious, sweet and sophisticated or laid back and subdued, at Carré Blanc you will find the designs to suit you.

To view a vast selection of designs available in Malta, pop into the Carré Blanc / Biggie Best Shop in San Gwann. View their partner profile and contact the very helpful team for more information on their product ranges. 


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