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Our partner Elektra is very excited to introduce the Aldo Bernardi brand to the Maltese islands.

The Aldo Bernardi Brand, with thirty years of passion and research, has established itself to create its own style, particular and “reassuring”. It is easily recognized in the ‘made in Italy’ indoor and outdoor lamps as well as its accessories, combining tradition and innovation. The firm distinguishes itself for a production where the characteristic craftsmanship of the product, entirely hand-finished and hand-decorated, reflects a manufacturing process typical of the area, the Asolo hills in Italy.

Elektra - aldo bernardi


Today, as in the past, Aldo Bernardi continues its production in Italy, where it turns out lamps, gifts and decorative objects  that evoke the past revisited, aligned with today’s needs and practicality. It produces a wide range of china and brass products for both indoor and outdoor lighting, a range of ceramic accessories for the home and material for contemporary industrial design. Their collections include ceiling pendants, wall lights, light switches and accessories.

Elektra - Aldo Bernardi - Ceramic wall light

Elektra - Aldo Bernardi -Ceramic Ceiling light

Elektra - Aldo Bernardi - Ceramic switch

The Company’s main aim is to improve and perfect its own style, free from fashion and conventionality, offering a top-range product that blends tradition and technological innovation.  Aldo Bernardi products have been used in design projects the world over. In both commercial, public and private applications, the unmistakable style and quality of this brand shines to create a distinct and polished look. They are often the crowing glory to the design of a room, acting as a unique centrepiece that draws the eye in.

Elektra - Aldo Bernardi - Dining Room

Our partner Elektra is proud to have such a prestigious brand as part of its portfolio of designer lighting and has no doubt that the brand will be around for many years to come.

Check out Elektra to find out even more about their new brand and have a look at their wonderful products.



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