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Euromobil kitchen

FORM’s main goal is to make available furniture and furnishings that have design merit, are well made and that constitute value for money.
With their kitchen brand Euromobil they have definitely accomplished this goal.

Euromobil is one of the most respected names in the Italian and continental kitchen sector with a presence of over 40 years. With its accumulated wealth of experience and continued investment in technology and research, Euromobil is always at the forefront in matters of style and innovation, carving out a name for itself mainly on the recommendation of its many customers.

Only few other kitchens can match Euromobil’s quality and durability.
A Euromobil kitchen is always at the cutting edge of kitchen design and functionality, supported by the best hardware available on the market to make your purchase undoubtedly the best value decision taken without regret.

What are you looking for in your next kitchen? A matt or glossy glass lined look, a practical polymeric finish, a classy veneer or a fine lacquered finish? Euromobil has it all and is happy to show you all endless possibilities to combine finishes or keep it clean and simple.

Want to check out Euromobil’s kitchens? Go to FORM’s partner profile  and make an appointment with one of the FORM team to discover all of the things Euromobil has to offer.



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