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Find out about Aster’s new boundaries on kitchen design with their Atelier range

Atelier is Aster Cucine’s entry model, but nonetheless offers endless possibilities when it comes to finishes, handles and integrated living solutions. The Atelier collection has been cleverly designed to maximise space and provide totally functional spaces.

Some interesting finishes for Atelier (available in laminate, glass and lacquer) are the light and dark laminate Cemento, stone finishes and raw-looking woods (always in a very realistic laminate). Most of the laminate finishes are also possible as a worktop- thus you can have not only a coherent look, but one that is also durable and affordable.

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For Atelier, Aster have come up with a series of clever designs; something that differs from the norm.

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This special hanging cupboard with lift-up door can be hung independently on the wall or integrated in between low columns and special top cabinets. It houses ovens, microwaves and coffee machines and is available in different widths.

The Axial island consists of shelving wrapping around base units. This gives the island less of a ‘block’ look, lending playful tones and the feeling of a beautiful piece of furniture rather than a solely functional kitchen. Having open elements also makes it easier to access the most utilised items in a kitchen.

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Open & Slide columns
These pocket tall columns can house your appliances or just provide some much-needed storage space. They are ideal for a built-in look where only the doors are on display.The brilliance of these columns is that working & washing areas can also be integrated, giving you the possibility of closing the doors and hiding the mess when required.

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Atelier Day Elements
The Atelier day elements are essentially library modules. There are floor-standing versions and also some that lean on a counter-top.

Brands International - Aster Cucine Atelier 3

Back Panels & Floating Shelves
The ‘Boiserie’ are made-to-measure panels with millings, available in a variety of finishes (also available on other models in real wood, lacquer and cement). They can be used in between base and top units, at the end of a column or to cover an entire wall. Be it in the kitchen or living room, the restrictions are few. Floating in between the panels, one can include thin shelves. These shelves are available in all the laminate finishes, real wood, lacquer, cement and also clear glass and satin stainless steel.

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Things to consider when planning your new kitchen
Brands International takes pride into offering a dedicated service whereby their design consultants go into great detail with the client to ensure perfect ergonomics are achieved, and a space is created that works perfectly for the users. they will also suggest and guide on appliances and choice of worktop.

Other than the aesthetic requirements, when planning a space they also consider:

  • Height of person/s using kitchen
  • Type of storage required (doors, drawers) for groceries, electrical equipment, pots & pans, plate services etc….
  • Any kids and pets using the room (durability of materials chosen, access to kitchen cabinets, access to hazardous items)
  • Direct sunlight, excessive humidity or any other pertinent environmental factors
  • Lighting required
  • Do you entertain a lot in the space?
  • Is a dining space required in the area?
  • How many people will be actively using the kitchen at any 1 time (do 2 persons do the cooking together or is it 1 person using the space alone)
  • Is the kitchen used for activities not pertaining to cooking (like children’s homework, crafts, sewing etc…)

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If you’re thinking of installing a new kitchen, the Brands International consultants will be more than happy to get you a step closer to your dream kitchen. Find out more about them on their partner profile here and make an appointment at the Brands International showroom!


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