Finding your kitchen’s warmth in the coolest materials


Whatever season of the year it is, people with a passion for cooking will always have their heads full of all the recipes and concoctions they are dying to test out in their own kitchens.

In the same way that different ingredients within a recipe come together to create a delicious feast for your taste buds, Euromobil put together a fine blend of artful craftsmanship and well-coordinated materials, and with their Antis Fusion finishes, created a kitchen that any cook will find themselves at home in.


Geometric shapes with natural earthy tones

Attention to refined form and detail characterize any kitchen that is tailored to cater to the needs of any dedicated cook. Sharp, fine lines are met with traditional wooden textures in a precision that mirrors nature. With each unit within the kitchen matching the others, the 45° front and side covers highlight the harmony within each piece and the importance of a unified aesthetic.


Uniform textures on multicoloured palettes

The unique surface textures of a kitchen should all be uniform, however, their colour should be taken into consideration, and with a choice of copper, oxidized, or plumb finishing, the space is set to take center stage as a hub of creativity, in its creation of mouthwatering foods, and in its design.

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Metallic finishes with wooden feels

The value of hand-crafted materials and products comes to a peak in Fusion finishing; Whatever finish one chooses, each side of each unit is carefully passed under the hands of skilled craftsmen for 6 manual coatings, and one of 6 lacquering processes, that give the material its unique texture. By combining it with various materials, the warmth given off by a comfortable kitchen is ensured.

Whether you’re used to an industrial kitchen look, with its sharp edges and metallic finishes, or find yourself warming up to the wood-coloured palettes and textures of a rustic kitchen, Antis Fusion offers a look with a unique fusion of the best of both styles.

For more information about getting your hands on a Fusion finish for your kitchen, visit FORM’s showroom in Msida.


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