From Plato to Socrates with Henri

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Take a look at this new line, inspired by ancient Greek culture, only at HENRI Luxury Gift Boutique.

Most of us are familiar with ancient Greece. The civilization is considered the golden age of Greece and the cradle of Western culture. Are you a fan of the mythology? Or perhaps you have a particular proclivity for philosophy. Henri’s new collection features an array of decorations that celebrate the greatest thinkers of all time, from Socrates, and his greatest disciple, Plato, to Aristotle, whose writings range from poetry, theatre and music to rhetoric, linguistics and politics. Aristotle is considered the ‘First Teacher’, and reasonably so, as he tutored historic icons such as Alexander the Great – also featured in this collection.

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If you want to add a touch of romanticism in your home, you can find both busts and full body figurines of Venus De Milo, ancient goddess of love. Each figurine and bust comes in different colours, and their detail reflects the stunning technical skill of Greek sculptors. In the busts one can observe the iconic Grecian profile which, by uniting the forehead and the nose in a continuous straight line, represents the ‘ideal’ man and woman in Greek culture.

Greek sculptures were particularly concerned with proportion, poise, and the idealised perfection of the human body. The Greek figures, in stone and bronze, are not only some of the most recognisable pieces of art ever produced by any civilization, but also reflect the evolution in sculpture. Henri’s collection also features Grecian torsos of different colours.

A testament to the jaw-dropping feats achieved by the Greeks is the Winged Victory of Samothrace, more commonly known as ‘The Winged Nike’; the sculpture, paying homage to Nike, goddess of Victory and battles at sea, is considered the greatest masterpiece of Hellenistic art. The work is notable for the manner it captures and renders a pose where violent motion and sudden stillness meet, embodied in Nike’s descent onto the ship’s prow from the sky. Its graceful balance and the execution of the figure’s draped garments; compellingly depicted as if rippling in a strong sea breeze, create a captivating aura of mysticism.

The viewer is made to imagine her descent from the sky. The wind and the sea are suggested as metaphors of struggle, destiny and divine help or grace. This kind of interplay between a statue and the space conjured up by it was the inspiration of baroque and romantic art, two thousand years later. Are you inspired? Henri’s collection features a model of this sculpture, currently exhibited at the Louvre in France, in black, tan, and wheat hues.

Henri’s collection caters for many interests. There is no better way to add classical elegance to your library than with Henri’s bookends. Several are available, featuring the profile of Venus, the stunning Astris, and the horse – deemed the ‘most beautiful creature’ in the world by the Greeks.

Henri - Statue

For devout lovers of architecture, Henri’s collection of candlesticks inspired by ancient Greek temples, together with delicately scented candles, make up a full line of accessories that are sure to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the home while adding a touch of Greek character. The line features the Isokrates, Asklepios, and the atlas designs.

These, and other pieces in the range, are available in different colours that can brighten up your home with a touch of classical elegance or make wonderful, original gift ideas. To see the full collection, you can visit their Facebook page, or even better, pop in to one of their shops. HENRI outlets are found at Pjazza Tigné outside The Point shopping mall, Malta’s largest shopping and leisure complex, and in the medieval walled town of Mdina. For all links and contact information please view their partner profile here.



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