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The kitchen is frequently referred to as the heart of the home; the space where a family congregates to talk about their day or friends sidle up to worktops to pour a glass of wine and catch up.  Aside from being the social hub of a home, the kitchen can also be a beautiful showcase of design and comfort. A new kitchen can often be the single biggest investment someone will make in their home and considering its relative permanence, is often selected with great care and attention to detail.

Last week I met Pietro de Riso, Export Sales Director for Aster Cucine, Italy.  Pietro was presenting Aster’s unique approach to kitchen design to some of Malta’s architects and designers at an exclusive event hosted by Aster’s local distributors, Brands international.

The company’s website talks about “a touch of the unexpected and a bit of magic”. Obviously I was intrigued by this statement because I thought I knew exactly what to expect from a kitchen.  The way Pietro explained it made perfect sense:  “Several years ago we stopped selling kitchens and we started to sell emotions. Of course this does not mean that quality and practicality is not important any more, but at the level at which we operate those are elements that stand to reason. We believe that besides wanting cupboards, and appliances, people want to be part of a dream and make the selection of their new kitchen a unique experience; this is what we consider “magic”.

Aster boasts 5 ‘moods’: Modern, Traditional, Luxury / Glam, Factory and Transitional.  Each mood comes with its recommended materials and compositions. However, the level of customisation that they provide goes beyond the standard. “Saying extreme is not enough to explain what we do: we do everything.” says Pietro. “Our ‘moods’ outline the norm in terms of sizes and finishes; however, the designer is like in a “Tailor” and can create the client’s own, personalised dream kitchen.”

I was keen to find out what the most popular looks or ‘moods’ are right now, but Pietro said that with  85% of Aster’s production being exported worldwide, ‘mood’ preference really depends on which part of the world we are talking about.  Brands International told me that at the moment the industrial look is very strong locally. Therefore ‘Factory’ is the mood that is receiving the most attention in the Maltese market right now.

With a specific range called ‘Luxury’, I wanted to know from Pietro what Aster’s definition of a luxury kitchen is. As it turns out a Luxury kitchen is far more than just a look. “Luxury is a matter of personal taste; everyone has a specific mood they want to achieve and that should be the emotion to duplicate when designing a kitchen. Of course we added our “luxury” concept that we called Luxury Glam, which for us defines a Luxury that is not too “serious” but with a bit of “Glamour” to give a hint of fun in the design.”

In reality the luxury of an Aster kitchen does not only lie in the design or the cost. It stems from the fact that with Aster you can truly “make it personal” by taking true customisation to another level and literally create your own take on your dream kitchen. The selection of authentic materials available is also noteworthy, ex: gold leaf, leathers, mirrors, and precious woods such as sycamore and ebony.

Make an appointment with one of the kitchen experts at Brands International to design your unique luxury kitchen.  The dream really is within reach!
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