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How to brighten up your home with stunning designer lighting

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With nights drawing in early, the right lighting can really help to make your home look cosy and warm at this time of the year.

Our partner LOFT has multiple designer lighting solutions to brighten up your home and give you that warm and cosy feeling. Whether you prefer a modern or a more classic style; these designers all have a unique vision and beautiful creations to suit everyone.

&Tradition’s designers have a unique vision and their designs have the capacity to reach people in their everyday lives. They’re committed to redefining, reshaping and finding interesting uses for different materials.
This Danish design company began building their unique range of furniture and lighting solutions with products derived from around the globe. &Tradition likes to bring innovation to tradition and this combination of old and new is what truly grants their items their distinguishing quality.


Axis71 is a lighting manufacturer situated in Hoegaarden, Belgium. The company is quite literally illuminating, providing the consumer with a clearer view.  From Brussels to Shanghai, they create beautiful lamps. Axis71 is especially well known for their ‘haute couture’ in lighting.


HAY Studio
HAY looks back with pride at the age of Danish Modern, where quality, craftsmanship and humanistic design put Denmark on the global map.
Their ambition is to encourage Danish furniture design’s return to the innovative greatness of the 1950’s and 1960’s in a contemporary context. HAY celebrates the uncomplicated design and strives to stay solid, straight-forward, joyful, functional, but of course still stylish.


Heathfield& Co
Heathfield& Co is a collective of designers and manufacturers of decorative lighting. Their product collections showcase an industry-revered level of design and make use of the finest materials, manufactured with skill and craftsmanship. They boast a range of forward-looking and adaptable designs. They tailor their lighting creations exactly to your needs.


Pols Potten
Pols Potten is a Dutch design and interiors company. Founded in 1986 in Amsterdam and still going strong. With their subtle, refreshing and unconventional designs it’s clear that Pols Potten’s roots are in the Netherlands, even though they sell all around the world.


The Belgian company Flamant likes to recreate that essence of ‘home’ by reinventing the past and adapting it to contemporary standards, with authenticity, harmony and hospitality as their core values and the family traditions as a main source of inspiration.
Through the use of the best materials and craftsmen, a great eye for detail and a passion for timeless design, their products breathe authenticity and soul.


Did these designers inspire you to brighten up your home and have truly beautiful lighting? Check out our partner LOFT to learn more about these magnificent designers.


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