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How to bring the spa home with your own indoor pool

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Living on a Mediterranean island, in Malta we have the good fortune to enjoy swimming weather for almost half the year. Once the more autumnal months bring the wind and rain, many leisure pursuits have to move indoors. Although some will still brave the choppier seas and cold temperatures, the only way most of us will contemplate the prospect of taking a dip between November and April is in the warmth and luxury of an indoor, heated pool.

Ideally an indoor pool should be planned at the design stage of a new home. However, it is also possible to install a pool within a renovation project, assuming the building provides the right conditions.  You need to take into consideration ventilation, depth of the area for excavation and don’t forget about allowing enough space for a pump room for all necessary filtration and heating equipment.

I have seen some really imaginative settings for pools in Maltese homes. A large open plan basement allows for any number of shapes and designs. Though the close confines of the basement of an old character house creates a cosy warm atmosphere for a small plunge or lap pool.

Photo Credit: WikiMedia – Goche Ganas

Another option is to extend the house into the garden with a glass enclosure, similar to a greenhouse. This works well with a retractable roof, to take your indoor pool outdoors in the summer months.

One of the elements that always creates atmosphere is pool lighting. No more so than when utilised indoors. Whether you’re trying to create a personal, intimate mood, or a more light, open atmosphere, pool lighting can often help to define this, and getting it right is key to creating your own personal spa at home.

If you are considering adding a bit of luxury and decadence to your home and would like to know more about your options for designing your dream indoor pool, contact Dolphin Pools, the local experts in swimming pools.

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